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Standing committees (per the Constitution) shall be Audit, Bargaining, Constitution, Convention Site, Credentials, Fundraising, Grievance, Legislation and Organizing. Special committees may be established as the Council may direct and the membership of such committees, with the exception of the Election Committee, shall be appointed by the President. Duties of committees shall be determined by the Council President, the Executive Board and the Constitution. Volunteers are needed! Please email or call one of the officers or RVPs listed on the About Us page for more.

Audit Committee - Promptly investigates and provides written recommendations to the Executive Board regarding any questions raised in the Treasurer´s report. Performs regular audits required by the Constitution.

Bargaining (or Mid-Term Bargaining) Committee - Current chair of this Committee is Executive Vice President Lisa Lowery. Some responsibilities include: 1) Responding to Article 5 notifications within 10 days to protect the union´s right to bargain; 2) Preparing demand to bargain notices on issues where management has not provided the Article 5 notice; 3) Notify Management of the Chief Negotiator for each subject after approval by the Executive Board; 4) Assistance to any Local regarding negotiations or how to submit a demand to bargain.

Communication Committee - This committee is responsible for development and maintenance of our website, electronic enews database and email mailings, software assistance, negotiation of changes in HUD software/hardware on behalf of the Council and other duties as assigned.

Chairperson: Glenn Brown is in the Richmond HUD office. Glenn works on hardware/software issues for Locals and bargaining unit employees nationwide, negotiations and other duties as assigned.

Committee Member: Patty Petry is located in the Fargo, North Dakota office. She developed our website and maintains it. She is also in charge of our electronic enews database and any enews mailings to bargaining unit members. She provides software assistance to Locals and bargaining unit employees nationwide and other duties as assigned.

Grievance Committee - Provides technical assistance to locals regarding their grievances and arbitrations. Chief Steward Perry Casper serves as the Chair of this Committee.

Legislative Action Committee/Division -

Chairperson: Tim Oravec works out of the Albany HUD office.

Committee Member: Carolyn Federoff is in the Boston HUD office.

Negotiating Committee - The chair of each negotiating committee will be appointed by the Council President, subject to approval of the Executive Board. The chair will choose her or his team members. Team size will be predicated by the nature of the issue to be negotiated and relevant ground rules in the master Agreement. Each negotiating committee will have full authority to act on behalf of the Council. It is the responsibility of the chair of each negotiating committee to submit a written report to the Council Secretary within 30 days of completion of the negotiations, and a copy of the report will be sent to all affiliated locals.

Women's and Fair Practices Committee - is newly formed (August 2008). This committee has just been assigned to negotiations on Child Support Subsidy and Student Loan Repayment. Please click the link in right column to go to the Council Women's and Fair Practices (WFP) page.

Chairperson: Cynthia McKnight is in the New York HUD office.