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Reorganization of Office of Multifamily Housing

MF Housing Transformation Job Exchange Program Info Posted on HUD@Work - May 16 - We were just made aware of MF Job Exchange Information posted on HUD@work. It appears to have been posted today, May 16, and we believe it closes on May 23. Here is a pdf of the HUD@work page, and here is the link to get to the page, remember you must be in the HUD environment to review anything in HUD@work. Please share with other MF employees, time is of the essence. As mentioned above, we were just made aware of this information today.

Headquarters and field level restructuring which also includes changes to the operating model. MFH anticipates implementation to commence beginning in calendar year 2013 concluding with full implementation by end of calendar year 2016.

Negotiation begins week of July 15. Council 222 negotiation team: Chief Negotiator Perry Casper, with Sal Viola, Will Biggs, Deborah Slakes, Holly Salamido, Marinella Murillo and the backup team that is working with the main team: Kari LaLonde, Heather Johns, Jerry Grosz, Gary Mongelli, Ricardo Miranda, Carolyn Federoff.
- - Council 222 files Grievance of the Parties on mis-application of Supplement 135 (view it on the Grievances page of our website)
- - Supplement 135 (05/15/2014)
- - Amendment to 135 (07/16/2014)
- - Appendix 1 to Supplement (05/01/2014)
- - Appendix 2 to Supplement (05/15/2014)
- - Appendix 3 to Supplement (07/10/2014)
- - Union Referral to Arbitration for HUD Mgmt Refusal to Engage in Local Bargaining (03/04/2014)
- - Supplement (signed supplement to follow, this is approved version by MF team until signed one completed)
- - Union Petition for Review (11/04/2013)
- - Declaration Request (9/13/2013)
- - Mgmt MFRT Response AFGE Negotiability Sept 5 Rev 3 (09/05/2013)
- - Supplement (NOTE: Negotiations have not been completed)
- - Demand to Bargain (05/03/2013)
- - Article 5 (04/26/2013)
- - Affected AFGE Employees
- - 2 new positions and descriptions
- - Organization Chart (current)
- - MF Front Office (current)
- - Program Systems Mgmt Chart (current)
- - Proposed Organizational Chart 1
- - Proposed Organizational Chart 2
- - Mission and Proposed Implementation
This information is also found on the bargaining page of our website.

Why every HUD employee should care about the SOC/MF Reorg . . .

Every HUD employee is paying for the proposed Small Office Closures and MF Reorg with furlough days:
    a. The minimum estimated cost of SOC is $3.5M, paid out of the Salaries and Expense (S&E) budget;
    b. The minimum estimated cost of the MF Reorg is $56M, paid out of S&E;
    c. Each furlough day saves the agency $4M from the S&E budget;
    d. Sequestration is a 10 year plan, and the best we’ll get is a CR—so expect a minimum of 5 days furlough in FY’14 without any reorgs or office closures. Expect an additional 5 days if SOC and phase one of the MF Reorg are implemented in FY’14 ($3.5M + (1/3 of $56M)=$21.98M/$4M=5.5 days furlough).

Why every field employee should care about the SOC/MF Reorg . . .

The Deputy has made it clear that this is just the beginning, not the end, of consolidation and reorganization:
    a. Every field office is at risk of closure, especially if you’ve already lost Multifamily;
    b. Regional Offices are not immune to loss of program staff—Philadelphia and Seattle didn’t make the MF Reorg Hub/Satellite list.

Why MF employees in Hubs and Satellites should care about the MF Reorg . . .

MF employees in Hubs and Satellites get to keep their jobs, but working conditions will be appreciably worse:
    a. The Federal Register makes it clear that the agency is giving directed reassignments to 750 employees, and expects through this reorg to decrease staff in the field by 374;
    b. This means the Hubs and Satellites are getting 100% of the work, but only 50% of the workers from MF offices being closed;
    c. The MF Reorg is intended to reduce MF employees in the field by 30%.

No one escapes unscathed! Everyone should care about the proposed changes.

Letters to Sec Donovan from members of Congress encouraging HUD to reconsider the MF Reorg

° Minneapolis Office, Cong. Keith Ellison 05/22/2013
° Minneapolis Office, Cong. Keith Ellison, Cong. Beth McCollum 05/15/2013
° Greensboro Office, Senator Kay Hagan 04/25/2013

Letters from industry groups to Congress requesting support in stopping the MF Reorg

° Manchester Office, Main Real Estate Mgrs Assn to Senator Collins 07/09/2013

Letters between HUD and the Appropriations Subcommittees

° Letter to Acting Dep Sec Helen Kanovsky from Tom Latham (Chairman, House), Ed Pastor (Ranking Member, House), Patty Murray (Chairman, Senate) and Susan Collins (Ranking Member, Senate) (04/04/2014)
° Letter to Susan Collins (Ranking Member Senate Subcommittee on THUD) from Acting Dep Sec Kanovsky (03/28/2014) and attachment that went with the letter
° Letter to Ed Pastor (Ranking Member House Subcommittee on THUD) from Acting Dep Sec Kanovsky (02/7/2014) and attachment that went with the letter

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May, 2014 - Word letter template for locals during our current outreach to congressional offices regarding MF Transformation

September talking points

Sample Senator/Representative Letter

Sample Colleague letter

Council 222 review of Federal Register Notice of HUD MF Reorganization

FY’14 CR through January 15, 2014 excerpts with referenced excerpts from FY’13 and FY’12