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MAY   2 3   2003

MEMORANDUM TO: Priscilla Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Branch Labor Relations, ARHLL

FROM:   Eddie Eitches, Chairman, Council 222 Mid-Term Bargaining Committee

SUBJECT: Demand to Bargain the Implementation of the Entry Processing Inquiry and Correction System (EPIC)

This serves as AFGE Council 222 demand to bargain over the policy and the implementation of EPIC. Our preliminary proposals are as follows:

1.   The Union should have the right to negotiate over the policy changes that affect bargaining unit employees.

2.   Management agrees to conduct local bargaining in accordance with Section 5.03 and 5.04 and other section of the contract as appropriate.

3.   No bargaining unit employee will be adversely affected by the implementation of EPIC.

4.   Management agrees to have a working group test the EPIC system.

5.   Management agrees to have a member of AFGE Council of HUD Locals 222 as a member of the working group testing the EPIC system.

6.   Management agrees that any problems with the EPIC system that affects employees' work will not affect employees' performance ratings.

7.   The ESC employees located in Chicago will be relocated to HQ.

These are preliminary proposals only, and the union reserves the right to bargain or amend or add proposals, in accordance with Article 5. If Council 222 does not hear from management within seven calendar days (Agreement, Section 5.03 (1) (d)), he union will assume that management has accepted this proposal and does not intend to bargain.

President Carolyn Federoff will be appointing a team to represent the Council. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me at 708-3077.

Thank you for your cooperation. I am handling this directly.