WASHINGTON, DC 20410-3000


SEP  24  2003





MEMORANDUM FOR:             Carolyn Federoff, President, AFGE National Council of HUD

                                                  Locals 222



FROM:                                      Norman Mesewicz, Deputy Director, Labor and Employee

                                                  Relations Branch, AHRL



SUBJECT:                                 HUD Information Technology Service (HITS) Contract




For your information, on August 14, 2003, the HITS contract was awarded. The HITS Contract is a follow on procurement from the HUD Information Integration Program (HIPs) contract, currently performed by Lockheed Martin Corporation. The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Information Service L.L.C was selected for award.


The HITS contract requires EDS to provide nationwide, enterprise-wide information technology (IT) infrastructure services to assist HUD in meeting its strategic objectives and responsibilities. The Contract includes complex service level agreements and objective performance-based metrics to monitor service delivery and ensure service quality in real-time throughout the base-year plus nine one-year options contract term.


Implementation of the HITS contract will impact the work presently performed by certain IT employees, and Office of Administrative and Management Services staff. We are currently accessing in detail the effects of HITS on the bargaining unit. It appears that the greatest impact will be on the IT field staff.


On or about September 29, 2003, EDS may begin conducting on-sites visits to inventory information technology equipment.


If you have questions concerning this memorandum, please feel free to contract the Labor Relations Branch and ask for Joann Robinson. Ms. Robinson can be reached on 202-708-3373.



Cc:       Edward Eitches, Chairperson, Headquarters

Perry Casper, Portland, Oregon

James Lee, Richmond, Virginia

Marinella Murillo, San Antonio, Texas

Lisa Lowery, Knoxville, Tennessee

John Noyes, Minneapolis, Minnesota