September 30, 2003


MEMORANDUM FOR:  Norman Mesewicz, Deputy Director, Labor and Employee

                                                Relations Division, ARHL



FROM:  Carolyn Federoff, President, Council of HUD Locals 222


SUBJECT:  Demand to Bargain

                        Implementation of HITS contract


            We are in receipt of a memorandum from your office regarding the HUD Information Technology Service (HITS) contract.  It is unclear from the memorandum if it is intended to serve as notice of a proposed change in working conditions as it fails to meet Article 5 requirements for notice.


            Nonetheless, to preserve our right to bargain, please accept this demand and initial proposals.


1.      Cease and Desist.  Management shall cease and desist from further implementation until after completion of bargaining.


2.      No Harm.  No employee shall lose grade or pay (including special pay).  No employee shall be involuntarily relocated.


3.      Customer Service Standards.  HUD employees shall be entitled to IT service.  Any service necessary shall be provided within one business day of the employee reporting the problem.


4.      Local Bargaining.  Management and the Union at the local level shall engage in negotiations prior to implementation.  The parties at the local level may negotiate any matter not covered by the national supplement.


Additionally, in preparation for negotiations, please provide the information required in Article 5, including but not limited to a complete list of all IT staff affected, their current positions, titles, and grade, the positions to which Management is proposing reassignment, copies of proposed position descriptions, and other items as set forth at Section 5.04(3). 


Furthermore, as part of meetings held with bargaining unit IT staff, managers collected questions from staff and secured written responses from EDS, the contractor.  Both the questions and answers were read to bargaining unit IT staff in meetings held the week of September 22, 2003.  Please provide us with a written copy of the questions and answers.


It is our understanding that the contractor is already in the second month of a six month implementation period.  Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.