February 5, 2003


MEMORANDUM FOR:  Norman Mesewicz, Deputy Director, Labor and Employee

                                                Relations Division, ARHRL



FROM:  Carolyn Federoff, President, AFGE Council 222


SUBJECT:  Transmission of Proposed Hardship Transfer Policy



            At the last Labor Management Relations meeting, the parties discussed creating a uniform Hardship Transfer Policy.  At the time, Management believed that they would be able to produce a draft.  Since that time, your office requested that the Council prepare a draft proposal.


            Attached please find a proposed Hardship Transfer Policy.  In looking for models, we considered the labor management agreement between NFFE and the Forest Service (see copy attached).  Our proposed policy borrows heavily from their agreement, but also adds significant provisions.  Adopting this policy would go far to alleviate hardships faced by HUD employees.  We hope that Management will favorably consider the policy.


            Thank you for your consideration.  You may reach me at 617/994-8264.




cc:  Council 222 Executive Board

            and Local Presidents