March 11, 2003




MEMORANDUM FOR:  Priscilla A. Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Branch, ARHLL




FROM:  Edward Eitches, Chair, Mid-Term Bargaining Team, AFGE, National

                   Council of HUD Locals 222




SUBJECT:  Relocation Allowance Policy



            In order to preserve the Union’s right to bargain, the Council submits the following preliminary proposals:


1.                  Management agrees that the Department will maintain records of all requests for relocation regardless of decision for a period of no less than three years.


2.                  Management agrees that if a vacancy announcement has been issued stating “Relocation allowances not authorized,” and the PAO makes a subsequent determination that authorization of the allowances is in the best interest of the Government, that the vacancy announcement will be re-advertised.


3.                  Management agrees no employee will be downgraded as the result of any permanent change of official duty station.


4.                  Management agrees that there will be no forced relocations.


The Union makes the following information requests:


1.                  What guidelines will be used by the Deputy Secretary to determine if the requested relocation is in the best interest of the Government?


2.                  If more than one person holds the same position, how will the determination be made to determine who is relocation?



            The union reserves the contractual right to add, amend, and change any proposals.


            President Carolyn Federoff will be appointing a team to represent the Council.  If you need further information, please feel free to contact me at 708-3077.


            Thank you for your cooperation.