WASHINGTON, D.C. 20410-3000


MAY 22 2003



MEMORANDUM FOR: Carolyn Federoff, President, AFGE, National Council of HUD

Council of Locals 222

From:  Priscilla Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Branch, ARHLL


SUBJECT: Designation of Single Family Point of Contact

In accordance with Article 5, Section 4, of the HUD/AFGE Agreement, this memorandum relates to the recent realignment of the Office of Field Policy and Management. Management has determined that there is a need for more efficient coordination and communication between Single Family and the Regional and Field Office Directors. As described in the Deputy Secretary's directive on Operating Protocols (9/12/02), Regional and Field Office Directors are responsible for carrying out the activities set forth in the field office management plans and need support and assistance from staff in Single Family's four Homeownership Centers (HOCs).

Single Family has agreed to formally name a Single Family Point of Contact (POC) for each field office. The four HOCs, which serve the needs of the 80 field offices, have a number of single-family staff that are out-stationed from and performing the work of the HOCs. This staff has duties assigned by managers in the HOCs and also provides technical support to the field offices. The majority of Single-Family staff who serve in this role are members of the Program Support Division (PSD). Staff throughout Single Family has been serving in this capacity, but this identifies a point of contact, i.e. a HOC employee for each Regional Director and Field Office Director to work with.

There are seven offices in the country where no Single-Family staff is present. In those cases a person will be assigned from another office to serve as the point of contact for the Field Office Director.

The items outlined in the POC memorandum (copy attached - Item I) are covered by the 1998 memorandum from Cheryl Owens, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations, HRO to Mortimer Coward, President, AFGE Loca1476, (copy attached- Item II). Specifically, it outlines some of the duties of the Program Support Division/Staff. This communication was part of the negotiations relative to Supplement 8. The duties listed in both documents are very similar, just written differently.

The job description of the Housing Program Specialist (copy attached -Item ill) further



supports the items listed in the POC memorandum and includes language which includes BOP (former Management Plan) and technical support, developing and maintaining liaison with Field Policy and Management staff, contractors supporting Single Family Housing's activities, clients and customers, housing partners, and others.

The reporting relationship for out-stationed staff has already been negotiated and covered by the protocols and union supplement 39.

In summary, the designation of a single family POC does not change or increase the duties of any single family staff member, it just clarifies who the Regional and Field Office Directors should contact for information and assistance regarding single family programs and policies.

Please submit any preliminary proposals related to the impact of the implementing of these new procedures within 10 calendar days after receipt of this memorandum.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (202) 708-1492. Attachment

cc: Edward Eitches, Chairperson, Headquarters

Perry Casper, Portland, Oregon

Ann Taylor, Richmond, Virginia

Marinella Murillo, San Antonio, Texas Lisa Lowery, Knoxville, Tennessee

John Noyes, Minneapolis, Minnesota


FROM: Director, -Homeownersbip Center

SUBJECT: Designation of primary point of contact

This memorandum is to formalize additional duties for .out stationed employee of the HOC's Division. (Add back up name, ifyou wish)

Each HUD field office jursdiction presents a number of unique challenges to the operation of the single family FHA programs and the- Field Office is no exception. To be effective, the HOC recognizes that it needs to be responsive to the many issues arising from local market conditions, local industry needs, etc.

Therefore, I am augmenting the duties of  _________ to act as your primary point of contact for all single family programs under the HOC within the jurisdiction of the Field Office. As primary point of contact for single family, ________________ will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

I. Be the lead single family person in your office for marketing and outreach;

2. Coordinate input regarding  sing1e family matters for your weekly reports as well as for other reports required of your office;

3. Field complaints from the industry and general public and work with the appropriate HOC division to develop a response;

4. Provide input for your correspondence, including congressional correspondence, on single family matters;

5. Represent single family at your staff meetings and other field office functions;

Inasmuch as you and I share mutual interest in ensuring the effective delivery of single family programs in your jurisdiction, _________ will act as my liaison in assessing industry issues and customer feedback and, in consultation with me or the appropriate HOC division director, in developing responsive strategies. Where necessary, this may involve assisting you to develop for submission to me for consideration, or where appropriate, through me to the Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, specific suggestions for local clarification, modification, or waiver of policies and procedures to reflect local circumstances that would: (1) improve HUD's customer services (without significantly increasing HUD FPM or Housing staff needs or affecting FHA's insurance risk); and (2) increase local appeal or usability of HUD single family products.

I hope this measure will improve HUD's responsiveness to our industry partners and extend the availability of our programs in the ___________ Field Office.