MEMORANDUM FOR: Norman Mesewicz, Deputy Director, Labor and

Employee Relations Division, AMHL



FROM: Edward Eitches, President, Chair, Mid-Term Bargaining Committee, Council 222 HUD Locals


SUBJECT: Demand to Bargain Building Security



On March 12, 2003, management delivered to the union notice of the proposed reorganization of the Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Office of Troubled Agency Recover (TARC) and the Field Operations Staff (FOS). Council 222, AFGE demands to bargain over the impact and implementation of the reorganization pursuant to Article 5 of the Agreement between HUD and AFGE.


Council 222s initial proposals are as follows:


1.      All TARC employees will be given the opportunity to transfer to other program areas at HUD outside of PIH. Such opportunities will be commensurate with the skills and abilities of the employee, will not require a reduction in grade level or pay and will be within the bargaining unit. TARC employees choosing to transfer to other program areas will be provided with adequate training to perform their new duties.


2.      A minimum of six positions will be established in PIH which provide upward mobility opportunities for TARC employees.


3.      All TARC employees moved to PIH HUBs or other program areas will be allowed to telecommute under the telework policies currently followed by TARC, including telecommuting up to three days per week. All existing TARC telecommunting agreements will remain in place. TARC employees not currently telecommuting will be permitted to do so for up to three days per week.


4.      Employees stationed in Knoxville will continue to report to Louisville, rather than the Memphis HUB.


5.      All employees who will report to a HUB or other office more than two hours away from their duty station after the reorganization will not be required to travel on Sunday for official travel.


6.      All Nashville and Knoxville employees will remain in the AFGE bargaining unit.


7.      All non-supervisory TARC employees will be returned to the bargaining unit immediately.


8.      The two TARC employees who currently have EEO complaints pending against supervisors in PIH will not be required to return to work under the supervisors against whom they filed claims



These are preliminary proposals only, and the union reserves the right to bargain or amend or add proposals, in accordance with Article 5. If Council 222 does not hear from management within seven calendar days (Agreement, Section 5.03(1)(d)), the union will assume that management has accepted this proposal and does not intend to bargain.