Mar 12  2003

MEMORANDUM FOR: Carolyn Federoff, President, National Council of HUD
      Locals 222

FROM: Priscilla A. Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Division, ARHRLL

SUBJECT: Restructuring of the Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH), Office of Troubled Agency Recovery (OTAR) and the Field Operations Staff (FOS).

This memorandum is a follow-up to the Monday, February 24, telephone conversation that you had with Ms. Paula Blunt, General Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Public and Indian Housing, with respect to the above referenced subject. In accordance with Article 5 of the HUD/AFGE Agreement, please submit any preliminary proposals related to the impact of the implementing this restructuring within 10 calendar days after receipt of this memorandum.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (202) 708-1492.


cc: Edward Eitches, Chairperson, Headquarters
                Perry Casper, Portland, Oregon

Ann Taylor, Richmond, Virginia

Marinella Murillo, San Antonio,  Texas

Lisa Lowery, Knoxville, Tennessee

John Noyes, Minneapolis, Minnesota