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Per the President's Management Agenda (PMA) for Fiscal Year 2002, HUD will switch from the existing Travel Management System (HTMS) to the new mandated eTravel System. The new system will not be run by HUD, but by a party external to HUD. Therefore, a lot of the issues we are having now may not exist in the future.

We are looking for ideas that would make traveling easier for all. Providing us with ideas now may help us input changes in the new system.

Council 222 will bargain a new system the week of January 12, 2004. Completing this anonymous survey will allow us to bring your views to the table. Complete the form and hit the "Submit" button. We are using a free web service for this survey, after you click "submit", you'll receive an email confirmation with advertising. (It will say your input is at bottom of the email. Because we changed and made this anonymous, you won't see your response, just exit out.) PLEASE, COMPLETE NO LATER THAN JANUARY 8! THANK YOU!


1. I feel the current travel system (HTMS) is:

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2. HTMS features I like:

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3. HTMS features I do not like:

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4. My ideas to make travel easier: