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You and your co-workers may be receiving an electronic mail message from Attorney Michael Snider or other attorneys on behalf of AFGE Council 222 in connection with a nationwide class action Grievance. (View this document on our website at: https://afgecouncil222.tripod.com/grievances.html).

On December 24, 2003, the Council filed a nationwide class action Grievance of the Parties against HUD alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The Grievance alleges: 1) failure to properly classify employees as "nonexempt" under the FLSA; 2) failure to properly pay employees for overtime they worked; 3) failure to allow employees an election between compt time and overtime; and 4) failure to pay employees for "suffered and permitted overtime."

Attorney Snider is one of the attorneys representing the Council and Bargaining Unit employees, including you. If our attorneys contact you, please cooperate with them. They will ask you about your job duties and explain what you can expect from the litigation of this case.

Also, be aware that the messages are being sent to employees based upon information received from management and in alphabetical order starting with the GS-9s.

One of the precipitating events for this Grievance was management's persistent demand for employees to travel during non-duty time, including weekends. We're continuing to work on this and other issues of concern to employees. We're searching for ways to win, including securing legal representation. Your support for your Local is essential to our success. Please ask your Local President what you can do to help.

Carolyn Federoff, President
AFGE Council 222