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June 2002 Issue

The Communications Committee for Council 222 has been busy. Projects include our fledgling website, numerous e:mail databases, this Council E:Newsletter (first sent out January, 2002) and a database of Position Descriptions (see it on our website).Our interest in web design and computer hardware/software, our ability to work effectively as a team, our dedication to AFGE/Council 222, our enthusiasm and our desire to make a positive difference shows in our work. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail". Our Committee is blazing a trail and we have just begun...

Patty Petry, Communications Committee

In This Issue:
Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Electronic Mail Policy
May 22-23 Labor Management Relations Meeting
More To Come

by Carolyn Federoff

: Although this is the third edition of the Council 222 e:newsletter, it is the first being sent directly to all AFGE bargaining unit employees.The e:news is intended to provide short updates of recent events that impact your working conditions at HUD.It includes links to the Council 222 website where more in depth information is available, including the agency's first electronic database of position descriptions.Want more than information?Want a chance to impact and influence your working conditions?Your Local President can help you plug into union activity in your office and nationwide.For information with a personal touch, contact your Local President.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy: HUD has proposed a Reasonable Accommodation policy for persons with disabilities.Council 222 Local Presidents will be participating in a conference call June 18 to discuss the policy and propose changes that strengthen the policy for bargaining unit employees.A copy of the proposed policy can be found on our website on the Resources page (https://afgecouncil222.tripod.com/resources.html).In the disability rights community, we are all known as the "Temporarily Able Bodied."At some time, we will all face some disability, even if it's mobility impairment from old age.So take some time to look at the proposed Reasonable Accommodation policy and let your Local President know how it can be better.

Electronic Mail Policy: The agency is drafting new rules for use of email.They want to say "no" to email about retirement luncheons, holiday parties, and more.But the Council can and will bargain over these changes in working conditions.The draft policy is on our Resources page (https://afgecouncil222.tripod.com/resources.html).Please take a look at it and give your comments and suggestions to your Local President.

Telework: By now, you've seen a copy of the memorandum from Deputy Secretary Jackson eliminating the cylinder telework policies and mandating a review of all applications within 30 days of submission.The issuance of that memorandum and its distribution helped settle a national grievance of the parties filed by Council 222 last August.The Council has argued successfully to top Management that the multiple policies treated HUD employees unfairly and inequitably.We know some local and Headquarters managers will still resist telework.But the memorandum and its distribution demonstrates that it's a new day for telework at HUD.A copy of the settlement agreement will soon be posted on our website.

Labor/Management Relations Meeting held in DC, May 22-23: For the first time in several years, Local Presidents and Council 222 Executive Board members gathered in DC to meet with Management representatives to discuss working conditions at HUD.The union representatives gathered a day early, and worked into the night determining our priorities, drafting questions, and preparing for the meetings.Issues included:security, safety and health;upward mobility and grade parity for our lowest graded employees;access to telework in Housing and OGC;the cost of FTEs, hiring ceilings and contracting out;training;EEO counseling;email and IT policies;and much more.For copies of the agenda and the union's talking points, visit the LMR page on our website at: https://afgecouncil222.tripod.com/lmr.html).

More to come . . . In the coming weeks, we're working on childcare subsidies, loan forgiveness, upward mobility, cost-benefit studies of contracts that are already out there, and much more.Stay tuned for more e:news, or check the website for news as it happens.

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