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October 25, 2002


HUD is stating that 3635 HUD jobs could be contracted out. Is yours?

HUD announced on October 17 that there are 3635 jobs nationwide it believes are commercial in nature and can be contracted out. The list includes jobs from Appraisers to Mortgage Underwriters in Housing; from Financial Analysts in Public Housing to Financial Analysts in CPD; and 69% of all CFO staff nationwide. If you think this doesn't affect you, you could be wrong.

The list was compiled to meet the FAIR (Federal Activities Inventory Reform) Act, the law that requires federal agencies to annually list all jobs that it believes are commercial in nature and could be contracted out. The law allows the Union to challenge the inclusion of jobs on the list. But we have less than 30 days, and we need your input to be successful.

To see if your job is on the FAIR Act list and learn more about challenging it, go to our website at:


If you find that your job is on the list to be contracted out, we need your help to file a challenge.

Please work with your collegues to draft a letter challenging the contracting out of your jobs, and forward it to your Local President or to the Council at Council222@hud.gov. Your draft challenge letters must be in our hands by November 21!

Please join with us to help save jobs!

e:mail your questions/comments/criticisms to:AFGE COUNCIL 222@hud.gov
in the subject of your e:mail type: Attn: Tim Oravec (E:News Editor)