July 9, 2003


David Gibbons, Director

Office of Budget

U.S. Department of HUD

451 Seventh Street SW, room 3270

Washington, DC  20410


Subject:  Submission of ’05 Budget Proposals

       for two small scale Competitive Sourcing studies


Dear Director Gibbons,


            Enclosed please find two proposals for the Fiscal Year 2005 budget.  Although we do not have access to the EZBudget System, we have reviewed the agency’s directions for budget submissions and believe that the enclosed include most of the substantive information necessary.


            These two proposals concern the Office of Housing, one each for Single Family and Multifamily.  We have sent copies of the proposals to the appropriate Assistant and Deputy Assistant Secretaries.


            Each proposal presents a small scale Competitive Sourcing study, in accordance with the President’s Management Agenda.  Additionally, each proposal demonstrates budget and performance integration into the agency’s Annual Performance Plan.  As we do not know how the agency’s APP will change for FY’05, it is keyed to the FY’04 APP.


            The proposals include information on the impact on FTE.  The Single Family proposal would require a maximum of ten (10) FTE, while the Multifamily proposal would require approximately100 FTE.  Additionally, each proposal sets forth Performance Means and Strategies, and Reporting and Evaluation.


            I would like to thank your staff for providing the basic instructional materials for the FY’05 budget process.  They were very helpful.


            If you have any questions about these proposals, or if they need additional work, please do not hesitate to call me at 617/994-8264.







                                                            Carolyn Federoff, President

                                                            AFGE Council of HUD Locals, 222




cc:  Deputy Secretary Jackson

       Dr. John Weicher, Assistant Secretary

       Stillman Knight, Deputy Assistant Secretary

       John Coonts, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary