Below is a list of positions to which CB staff was assigned. A request was placed for PDs of these positions. To date, about 45 have been received.


0028-13/14 CPD Environmental Officer

0101-13/14 CPD Relocation Specialist

0246-13/14 ODOC Contracting and Industrial Relations Specialist

0301-13/14 CPD CPD Representative

0301-13/14/15 CPD Senior CPD Representative

0301-14/15 CPD CPD Program Manager

0301-2/4/5/6/7/8/9 FPM Customer Service Representative

0301-12 Admin Admin Officer

0301-13 FPM Operations Specialist

0303-2 MF Hsg Clerk

0303-3 Admin Admin Worker Trainee

0303-4 CPD/FHEO/OGC Clerk

0303-5 FHEO/PIH Program Assistant

0303-5 PIH Clerk

0303-5/7 Admin Clerk

0303-7 ODOC/PIH/CPD Program Assistant

0303-6/7/8 FPM Program Assistant

0303-7/8 MF Hsg Program Assistant

0318-5/6/7/8/9/10 FPM Secretary

0318-7 FHEO/MF Hsg Secretary

0342-7//9/11/12/13 Admin Admin Support Services Specialist

0343-13 Admin Budget Analyst

0343-13/14 PIH Program Analyst

0343-13 ONAP Program Analyst

0343-9/12 FPM Program Analyst

0343-13/14 FPM Web Manager

0360-9/12/13/15 FHEO Equal Opportunity Specialist

0360-14/15 FHEO Equal Opportunity Specialist (lead)

0360-15 FHEO Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist

0361-5/7 FHEO Equal Opportunity Assistant

0828-12 MF Hsg Construction Analyst

0905-15 OGC Attorney-Advisor

1035-14/15 FPM Public Affairs Officers

1101-7/9/11/12/13/15 FPM Operation(s) Analyst

1101-12 FPM Operations Analyst (Feb)

1101-11/12/13/14/15 FPM Operation(s) Specialist

1101-9/13 SF Hsg Housing Specialist

1101-12/13 SF Hsg SF Housing Specialist

1101-13 SF Hsg SF Housing Program Specialist

1101-13 SF Hsg Housing Program Specialist

1101-13 SF Hsg Housing Specialist Mortgage

1101-14 SF Hsg Underwriter

1101-14/15 SF Hsg Housing Program Officer

1101-15 SF Hsg Senior Housing Specialist

1101-9/11/12/13/14 MF Hsg Project Manager

1101-13/14/15 MF Hsg Senior Project Manager

1101-13 MF Hsg Housing Specialist

1101-14 MF Hsg Project Management Specialist

1101-14 MF Hsg Program Manager

1101-14 MF Hsg Housing Program Officer

1101-13 PIH Public Housing Revitalization Specialist (trainee)

1101-9/12/13/14/15 PIH Public Housing Revitalization Specialist

1101-14 PIH Senior PH Revitalization Specialist

1101-14 PIH Project Manager

1101-9/13/14 PIH PHRS - Occupancy Specialist

1101-13 PIH PHRS - Facilities Management

1101-14 Financial Loan Servicing Specialist

1101-14 Admin Project Management Specialist

1101-13 FHEO Grants Management Specialist

1101-15 ODOC Program Specialist

1101-13 OGC-E Enforcement Analyst

1160-11/12/13/14 PIH Financial Analyst

1160-14 MF Hsg Loan Specialist