U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Washington, D.C, 20410-1000


AUG 22 2003




MEMORANDUM FOR:††††† Carolyn Federoff, President, AFGE, National Council of

HUD Locals 222


FROM:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Priscilla A. Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Branch, ARHLL


SUBJECT:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Clinger-Cohen Assessment Survey (CAA) of Information

Technology (IT) Related Positions

In accordance with Article 3, Section 3.08, of the HUD/AFGE Agreement, this memorandum serves as notification that the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC) and the Office of Management Budget will be conducting a survey of IT and IT-related positions.As information, please review the attached letter to Mr. Bobby Harnage, Sr., National President for the American Federal of Government Employees. The IT and IT-related occupations to be surveyed are listed in the attached letter.The survey is anonymous and voluntary.

Announcement of the CAA Survey is scheduled for September 2, 2003.An e-mail will, be sent to the CIOC announcing the survey and providing them with a web site link to the survey.The Agency contact person will distribute the announcement to all employees occupying IT and IT related positions.

Although, participation is voluntary, employees are encouraged to complete the survey in order to provide valuable information needed to conduct IT workforce assessments.The responses will be compiled into all Access database, and provided to the Agency contact person once the CAA survey is completed.Accordingly, it has no adverse impact on the bargaining unit.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Joann Robinson on 202-708-3373.


cc: Edward Eitches, Chairperson, Headquarters

Perry Casper, Portland, Oregon

Lisa Lowery, Knoxville, Tennessee

Monique Williams, New York, New York

James Lee, Richmond, Virginia

Marinella Murillo, San Antonio, Texas

John Noyes, Minneapolis, Minnesota




August 11, 2003


Mr. Bobby Harnage, Sr. National President

American Federation of Government Employees

80 F St., NW.

Washington, DC 20001

Dear Mr. Harnage:

This letter is to inform you that the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC) in partnership with the office of Management and Budget (0MB) will be conducting a survey of information technology (IT) employees in the Federal workforce.The survey will be absolutely anonymous and participants will include approximately 85,000 incumbents through GS-15 or equivalent grade levels.The following IT and IT related occupations will be surveyed: GS-2210 Information Technology Specialist: GS-334 Computer Specialist: GS-391 Telecommunications Specialist: GS-1550 Computer Scientist: GS-854 Computer Engineering: and other (i.e., GS-343 Management Analyst and 345 Program Analyst).

The survey is designed to collect information regarding IT employee skills, certifications, and competencies.In addition, limited demographic information will be gathered from the respondents, including retirement eligibility.The information received will be used to provide a comprehensive view of the federal lT workforce to a1low agencies to assess the degree to which certain skills, competencies and professional certifications are resident in the IT workforce; and to aid in the development of strategic workforce and human capital plans.The survey will provide a consistent approach for all agencies to use in conducting IT workforce assessments.The information collected may be used by individual agencies to develop human resource management strategies for recruitment, employee development, and retention.

The survey is scheduled to be issued on August 25, 2003, and will be on-line for approximately 3 weeks. It will require 20 -30 minutes to complete during work hours.Again, we would like to emphasize that all employee responses will remain anonymous and will have no effect on an individualís employment.

We appreciate your support in this important effort.If you have any questions concerning this survey, please contact Ms. Dagne Fulcher(Project Manager) at (703) 305-5293.


Jeffrey Sumberg

Deputy Associate Director

Center for Workforce Relations

and Accountability Policy