Hon. Stephen Lynch

Member of Congress

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.  20515



Dear Representative Lynch:


            I am writing to urge you to fight all efforts to increase the rate of privatization of Federal jobs. Particularly, It is important that the current efforts of the Bush administration to privatize 850,000 more federal jobs are stopped dead in their tracks.


            Privatizing federal jobs does little more than take funds away from reliable, accountable civilian employees and give them to large corporations who do not have the necessary experience, are not accountable and more often than not do not offer the same bang for the buck. In fact, the Bush Administration has stated that if quotas are not met with cost-benefit analysis then they will mandate the privatization without it.


            I am enclosing an example that shows how contracting out the administration of project-based Section 8 has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.  We have also recently heard that the Department of Defense’s Inspector General has found a $31.8 million mistake on a contract that was not properly bid out. In these tough economic times, we cannot afford to throw billions of dollars into the black hole of unaccountable contracts. We need your help to protect the jobs of hard working federal workers, who contribute to our economy and to stop the massive privatization of our federal tax dollars.


            Thank you for your support.





                                                            Alice Peterson

                                                            (home address)

                                                            Boston, MA