via facsimile and pouch mail


May 7, 2003


MEMORANDUM FOR:  Priscilla Lewis, Chief, Labor Relations Division



FROM:  Carolyn Federoff, President, Council of HUD Locals 222


SUBJECT:   Cease and Desist Violations 5 U.S.C. 7113 and Article 5

Apparent Reorganization in CPD



            It has come to our attention that the agency is reorganizing the Economic Development function in the Office of Community Planning and Development.  WE are unsure of the total parameters, but it appears that employees are being prepared for extended details to different positions.  The preparation includes:  being told that the details are permanent;  re-writing performance elements and standards;  and being issued new position descriptions.


            This is being done in at least four regions.  The Council has not received notice in accordance with the law or the HUD/AFGE Agreement.  The agency must cease and desist from further implementation until after the agency provides the Council proper notice and an opportunity to bargain.


            In accordance with Article 5, Section 5.04(3), we are seeking the following information:


a)      Name, grade, title and position of affected bargaining unit employees;


b)      Impact, if any, upon upward mobility and/or career ladder positions;


c)      Employees who will have a different first or second line supervisor as a result of the reorganization


d)      Impact, if any, upon employee’s receipt of performance rating;


e)      Copies of position descriptions for new positions if different from current positions;


f)        Names of any employees detailed in connection with the reorganizations;


g)      Any new positions created as a result of the reorganization;


h)      Names of any employees who will be downgraded or separated as a result of the reorganizations; 


i)        Names of any employees who will be moved as a result of the reorganization;  and


j)        Copy of before and after organization charts.



To preserve our right to bargain over this matter, we are submitting a preliminary bargaining proposal.  We reserve our right to amend and add proposals.


1)     There shall be no involuntary relocation, downgrades, loss of pay or status for any employee affected by the reorganization.


Please send the notice and information required to the Council’s Mid-Term Bargaining Committee.


cc:  Mid-Term Bargaining Committee

       Council Executive Board and

            Local Presidents