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ePerformance is an automated performance management system add-on module to HUD Integrated Human Resources and Training System (HIHRTS). It will formalize performance expectations, link strategic goals and objectives to critical elements and performance standards. It will have the capability to automatically calculate an employee's summary rating and transmit the rating directly to the National Finance Center for processing. It should provide the foundation for meaningful manager/employee interaction in the development of the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound) standards.

HUD employees and managers should work together to develop SMART critical elements and performance standards. Council 222 would like to assist employees by posting elements and standards developed under the SMART process for the program areas linked to the right. They are not necessarily good examples, because the SMART process was not used effectively in every office. But we wish to share what has been developed. Click on any program area to view a list of SMART standards and elements we've received. We hope they will give you ideas on how to develop your own! To submit SMART standards and elements please contact your Local President.

Resource materials for employee and supervisors developing SMART standards and using the ePerformance HIHRTS module:

- - Council E:Alert to employees on agency wide implementation in FY'08
- - Supplement 91
- - Bernardi Memo (12/5/06) to managers/supervisors on ePerformance Roll Out and summary doc on creating results-oriented performance culture
- - ePerformance Orientation | Employee Guidebook
- - Smart Training Parts 1-3 | Part 4 | Parts 5-6
- - ePerformance Powerpoint Presentation and cover memo (HIHRTS presentation)
- - ePerformance Highlights (HIHRTS presentation)
- - ePerformance Process Overview (HIHRTS presentation)
- - Mgmt's ePerformance Survey (02/20/07)
- - ePerformance Survey to 8 program offices (01/16/06)
- - FHEO ePerformance (Council 222 E Alert 12/20/06)
- - Beta Site Redux (Council 222 E Alert 10/19/06)
- - ePerformance/Supplement 81 (Council 222 E Alert 10/19/06)
- - GNMA EPPES Notice (Council 222 E Alert 10/18/06)
- - FHEO EPPES Notice (Council 222 E Alert 10/18/06)
- - GNMA/Healthy Homes ePerformance (Council 222 E Alert 09/13/06)
- - Admin Beta Site Redux (Council 222 E Alert 02/20/06)
- - Powerpoint Survey Results (Council 222 ePerformance powerpoint "What We've Learned") (06/2007)

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