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HOUSING S.M.A.R.T. Standards/Elements

ePerformance is an automated performance management system add-on module to HUD Integrated Human Resources and Training System (HIHRTS). It will formalize performance expectations, link strategic goals and objectives to critical elements and performance standards. It will have the capability to automatically calculate an employee's summary rating and transmit the rating directly to the National Finance Center for processing. It should provide the foundation for meaningful manager/employee interaction in the development of the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound) standards.

Click any HOUSING job title to view or save. Please assist us in building this database by submitting your standards/elements to your Local President.
GS-14 Appraiser  
GS-2-4 Clerical HOC
GS-5-7 Clerical HOC
GS-8-10 Clerical HOC
GS-9 Correspondence Asst HOC
GS-14 Credit Policy Spec  
GS-13 Hsg Mortgage Specialist  
GS-15 Hsg Program Officer  
GS-13 Hsg Program Policy Specialist  
GS-13 Hsg Program Policy Specialist - RE  
GS-14 Hsg Program Policy Specialist - RE  
GS-9 Hsg Program Policy Specialist  
GS-11 Hsg Program Policy Specialist  
GS-12 Hsg Program Policy Specialist  
GS-14 Hsg Program Policy Specialist  
GS-14 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-11 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-12 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-13 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-11 Mgmt Info Specialist  
GS-12 Mgmt Info Specialist  
GS-13 Mgmt Info Specialist  
GS-11 Mortgage Approval Analyst SP  
GS-13 Mortagage Approval Analyst  
GS-9 Program Analyst  
GS-11 Program Analyst  
GS-12 Program Analyst  
GS-14 Program Manager E-govt  
GS-15 Project Manager  
GS-14 Senior Mortgage Approval Analyst  
GS-14 Senior Compliance Analyst  
GS-15 Senior Mgmt Analyst  
GS-9 SF Housing Specialist  
GS-11 SF Housing Specialist  
GS-12 SF Housing Specialist  
GS-13 SF Housing Specialist  
GS-14 SF Housing Specialist  
GS-5 Mgmt Asst HOC
GS-7-8 Mgmt Asst HOC
GS-5-6 Program Asst HOC
GS-7-8 Program Asst HOC
GS-7-8 Program Asst HOC
GS-9 Program Asst HOC
GS-5-7 Secretary HOC
GS-8-10 Secretary HOC
GS-10-11 Staff Asst HOC
GS-14 Business Analyst HOC
  Correspondence Asst  
GS-12 Correspondence Specialist  
  Environmental Officer  
GS-12 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-13 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-14 Mgmt Analyst  
GS-9 Mgmt Analyst  
OPS-14 Mgmt Analyst IT  
OPS-12 Mgmt Analyst IT  
OPS-13 Mgmt Analyst IT  
GS-13 Marketing Specialist  
GS-11 Marketing Outreach  
GS-12 Marketing Outreach  
GS-13 Marketing Outreach  
GS-7 Marketing Outreach  
GS-9 Marketing Outreach  
  Student Trainee Ops  
GS-13 Web Marketing  
GS-12 Web Technology Spec  
GS-13 Writer-Editor  
GS-9 Mgmt Analyst HOC
GS-11 Mgmt Analyst HOC
GS-12 Mgmt Analyst HOC
GS-13 Mgmt Analyst HOC
GS-7 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-9 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-11 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-12 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-13 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-14 Hsg Program Spec HOC
GS-13 Marketing Spec HOC
GS-1171-12 Appraiser  
GS-828-12 Construction Analyst  
GS-343-13 Program Analyst (CHUMS Coordinator)  
GS-343-12 Program Analyst (GTR)  
  Program Assistants - HOCS  
GS-1101-14 Public Trust Officer (PUD)  
  Public Trust Specialist (PUD Tech Branch)  
GS-1101-13 SF Housing Spec  
GS-13 Sr SF Housing Spec (PUD Tech Branch)  
GS-1101-11 Underwriter (Tech)  
GS-1101-12 Underwriter (Tech Br)  
GS-1101-12 Underwriter, I-U Branch  
GS-1101-09 Underwriter  
GS-1101-09 Underwriter  
GS-1101-07 Underwriter  
GS-12 SF Housing Spec (QAD)  
GS-13 SF Housing Spec (Field Monitor QAD)  
GS-13 SF Housing Spec (In-House Monitor QAD)  
GS-13 Mgmt Analyst (REO)  
GS-5 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-7 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-9 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-11 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-12 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-13 SF Housing Spec (REO)  
GS-12 Administrative Staff Specialist HUB
  Appraiser HUB
GS-13 Architect/Construction Analyst HUB
GS-12 Architect/Construction Analyst HUB
GS-12 Funding Specialist HUB
GS-13 Housing Contracts Servicing Specialist HUB
GS-12 Information Specialist HUB
GS-7 Program Assistant HUB
GS-13 Project Manager (AM) HUB
GS-12 Project Manager (AM) HUB
  Project Manager (DEV) HUB
GS-13 Realty Specialist Mgt HUB
GS-12 Realty Specialist (PD Mgmt) HUB
GS-12 Realty Specialist (PD Sales) HUB

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