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This page is the AFGE Council 222 and NFFE Local 1450 v. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development FLSA Grievance Document Library. The case documents are below, the FLSA history and overtime recap are in the links to the right. To go back to the main Grievances page, click the Grievances link above or in the shaded column to the right.

March 5, 2008 - HUD, AFGE Council 222 and NFFE Local 1450 enter into an agreement to settle the Fair Labor Standards Act case. Read more on the updated FLSA Overtime Recap page (first link in the right column). Thousands of bargaining unit employees will be converted to FLSA "non­exempt" status, meaning that they will be covered by the FLSA. View Attachment A to see the GS-11 positions to be added; Attachment B to see the GS-12 positions and Attachment C for the GS-13 positions. These positions are in addition to ALL GS-10 and below positions already covered.

In February 2007, Council 222 lobbied Congress regarding the need to resolve the FLSA case during the AFGE National Legislative Conference. For a copy of the FLSA issue paper, click the link in lower right to go to our Legislative page, then scroll down to 2007 Council 222 Issue Papers, "Failure to Implement the Fair Labor Standards Act."

Grievance Documents

Settlement Agreements

Briefs and Decisions


The numbered links will open an entire motion package, which can be a very big file. The indented links will only open one document, which will be a smaller file.

  1. Motion to Compel Discovery September 28, 2005 (Granted)
  2. Motion for Summary Judgment AFGE 11/3/05 (deferred: to be considered with merits)
  3. With #2
  4. Motion for Joinder 2/16/06 AFGE
    • The filings in this motion were made via email. The entirety of the filings are quoted in the Arbitrator's decision.
  5. HUD Motion to interview, Return of Docs, other (split)
  6. Renewed Motion for Summary Judgement (Pending)
  7. MSJ Attorney Fees (Denied without prejudice)
  8. Enforcement of Settlement Agreement Grades 10 and below AFGE 6/06 Granted
  9. Motion in Limine (HUD) Pending
  10. Motion to include prior BUE (AFGE) (Granted)
  11. Motion to ID employees (HUD) (denied)
  12. Motion to Compel II (AFGE) (Granted)
  13. Motion to Compel III (AFGE) (Withdrawn)
  14. Motion (informal) to Compel Scheduling
  15. Motion for Compliance with Non-Compliance Settlement Agreement NEW