1)  Outstationed staff --  We are concerned about the Regional Director and Field Office Director delegation of authority with regard to outstationed staff.  Can you tell us more about this authority?  The protocol is being developed now.  We will provide it to the union when it is available.


Will outstationing be abolished?  No, but there will be changes in supervision.


What happens to employees co-located with program offices (ie, PIH staff outstationed from HQ in a field office with PIH presence)?  Probably supervised by co-located program office, but the protocols are being developed.


What happens to employees who are not co-located (ie, SF staff outstationed from the HOC)?  Protocols are being developed.


Is there any consideration for directed reassignments?  Haven’t heard of any.


Intent has always been to keep issues of substance in program cylinder preview.



2) We are concerned about the Bargaining Unit status of remaining FPM staff.  Bargaining unit status is related to the roles and responsibilities of remaining staff;  can you tell us about the new jobs of Operation Specialist and Operation Analyst?  Look at the PDs.


Are there any supervisory aspects?  No.


Will the position set agency policy?  No.


Will the folks have responsibility for labor or employee relations?  Unknown.  Our intent is not to end up with larger numbers of non-bargaining unit staff. 



Jimmy Davis

1)  We are concerned with potential office closings because we have some offices that are predominantly FPM, they’re small, and in some instances the Field Office Directors haven’t been chosen.  Are there any plans to close offices?  Those FOD vacancies are being readvertised now, and we intend to fill them.


Can you provide us with a list of names and offices for Field Office Directors and Deputy Regional Directors?  Yes.  About 15 still need to be filled.



2)  Along with being concerned about the affect of the delegation of authority on outstationed staff, we are concerned about the general affect of the delegation.  Is the agency considering additional delegations, or changes to the present delegation?  We will assess the delegation later in the year and determine if additional or changes to the delegations are needed.


Will the delegation to the Regional Director be redelegated to Field Office Directors?  Yes.



3)  Supp 35 reassignments – we’ve been working with Supplement 35, specifically regarding reassignments.  We have different examples of issues in the field:


a)      locally, the losing office says yes to the reassignment, the gaining office says yes, and the gaining office has ceiling, but local mgmt doesn’t feel it has authority to approve the reassignment.  What can we do?

b)      Locally, the losing office says yes, the gaining office says yes, but there are ceiling problems.  What can we do?


We need to discuss specific instances in more detail.