HUD and AFGE Council 222

Unfair Labor Practice Charge

October 9, 2003


1)      The matter is serious.  It involves the potential loss of approximately 150 IT positions and the services these staff provide to approximately 6000 bargaining unit HUD staff. 


2)      The law is clear regarding management’s duty to bargain changes in working conditions prior to implementation.


3)      The granting of temporary relief will not interfere with the ability of the agency to fulfill any essential function, nor interfere with the agency’s mission in any way.


4)      The Union has pursued remedies for this matter as quickly as possible, but Management has refused to cooperate.


5)      Failure to maintain the status quo will frustrate the remedial purposes of the statute.  We understand that the contract is for 10 years;  completion of implementation without bargaining could effectively end IT employees’ careers with the agency.  Additionally, a final order of the FLRA could be rendered meaningless or ineffectual by the passage of time that is normally required for processing of a case through the administrative procedure.


If unable to reach the Union’s contact person at 617/994-8264, please try 617/312-4278.