2009 Silent Auction Items

Auction Item Name

Insert some information in here about whatever is in the picture.The free slide show you are using for your Pet Portrait shows am image, but this allows image AND text. Here is a sample of a smaller picture, with a header and a few lines of explanation. There is also a more information at bottom, where you could send someone to another page. For this sample I put the header in a pink kind of color but you could have a header in any color you want. I will just continue to type some information so you can see how the text will put itself around the picture. This JQuery stuff is very cool. This is the first time I have looked at JQuery and I really like it.

more information...

Smaller Images:

Here is sample of a couple small pictures and no header. Each picture is 163 wide and 140 high. The size of the image and amount of text controls where the "more information" will go, ie you need to be sure you dontt have too much of anything. If you have a small pic and want a lot of text and dont need the more info, then just take it out. You can use the option of allowing people to click on one of these thumbnail pics to open up a larger image too. But you see you can get a good amount of text in, and more if you just have one small picture. so cool

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