Operations Analyst


This position is located within the Office of the Regional Director (RD) or the
Field Office Director (FD). The incumbent performs a variety of duties in direct support
of the responsibilities and activities of the RD/FD and other professional staff.   The
incumbent functions as a generalist.


Assists the RD/FD and Supervisory Operations Officer in the resolution of
complaints and inquiries reported to the RD/FD office. Serves as an initial point of
contact for the office on a myriad of complaints and issues. Resolves routine
complaints/issues, whenever possible and keeps the immediate supervisor informed of
unresolved issues.

Assists in providing support to the Public Affairs function. As instructed
facilitates setting up media events, conferences, forums, etc. Prepares the daily and
weekly compilation of important press and news items.

Assists the RD/FD in analyzing and identifying areas of customer service in need
of improvement. Research materials relevant to customer service and recommends ways
to improve customer service and disseminates information of interest to customers.

As directed participates in meetings with HUD clients, elected officials or their
key aids to trouble shoot and assist in resolving problems, of a controversial nature.
Provides assistance in developing solutions and in making recommendations to the
RD/FD and or immediate supervisor. The incumbent deals with issues that involve a
wide spectrum of HUD programs.

Assists in the coordination of HUD programs with other Federal, state and local
agencies and planning organizations to assure effective program linkages.

Assists in providing assistance with cross-program coordination as necessary, to
properly integrate and focus HUD program efforts on issues at hand or problems of
concern to the RD/FD.

Provides a range of administrative and technical support functions.

Tracks controlled correspondence to ensure deadlines are met.

Tracks FOIA requests to ensure that deadlines are adhered to; notifies appropriate
officials of slippage of deadlines; collects fees as necessary from public requesters.


Factor 1. Knowledge Required By The Position

Requires knowledge of a variety of HUD programs and community outreach
initiatives sufficient to plan and conduct an analysis of situations that have been
identified as problematic requiring a reasonable solution within appropriate timeframes.

Requires knowledge of business and industry practices, policies and concepts to
assist in providing quality advisory services to HUD current and potential customers and

Requires skill in collecting and analyzing data to prepare reports that address
inadequacies in customer service and program outreach efforts, and to assist in
developing solutions to resolves the problems or issues.

Factor 2. Supervisory Controls

The Supervisory Operations Officer, or Field Office Director, provides continuing
or individual assignments indicating what is to be done, limitations, quality expected,
deadlines, and priorities.   Incumbent informs the supervisor of community issues and
consults on how to resolve the situation. Completed work is reviewed for soundness of
overall approach in dealing with issues. Review of work increases with ore difficult
assignments if employee has not previously performed similar assignments.

Factor 3. Guidelines

Guidelines are basic HUD administrative policy statements, regulations,
instructions, as well as Departmental memoranda. Other guidelines include federal, state
and local directives and legislative proposals.   Often these guidelines lack specificity to
complex community and customer issues, thus requiring the incumbent to develop
relevant data, prudent judgment and creativity in the selection, interpretation and
adaptation. of these guidelines as a source of reference in resolving complex community
problems, issues and initiatives.

Factor 4. Complexity

The work of the position is concerned with projects, community resource issues
that require analysis of related issues regarding the effectiveness, efficient and
productivity of substantive management and community operations functions.   The
incumbent assists in evaluating the effectiveness, overall adequacy and economic
soundness of community program issues.

Factor 5. Scope and Effect

The purpose of the work is to ensure that the objectives of the Regional Director,
or Field Office Director, and the Department are being met within community outreach
program guidelines.   Also, the purpose of the work is to assist in identifying and
providing solutions to problems affecting community outreach programs or issues related
to a range of associated program applications.

Factor 6. Personal Contacts

Personal contacts are primarily with staff members and other Federal agencies
and staffs of community service organizations or agencies.

Factor 7. Purpose of Contacts

The purpose of the contacts is to exchange information in order to provide
assistance in recommending effective solutions to problems to achieve organizational
effectiveness in dealing with community outreach issues. consequence or importance.

Factor 8. Physical Demands

The work of the position is principally sedentary. No special physical demands
are required.

Factor 9. Work Environment

The work involves frequent exposure to moderate discomforts, risks, or
unpleasantness associated with an office environment. The work also requires meeting
with local community groups in non-traditional office environments.