GS-5 Statement of Difference: This position is developmental to the full performance level of GS-12. The duties performed are those of an entry level trainee and are commensurate with the grade of the position. At this GS-5 level, the supervisor or higher-grade employee provides work with specific and detailed instructions. Work is performed under close supervision and reviewed both while in progress and upon completion. This is not a complete position description without the full performance position description attached.

GS-7 Statement of Difference: This position is developmental to the full performance level of GS-12. The duties performed are those of an advanced trainee and are commensurate with the grade of the position. At this GS-7 level, the employee performs assignments which are planned to provide further technical development. Completed work is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, adequacy and adherence to HUD policies and methods. This is not a complete position description without the full performance position description attached.


GS-9 Statement of Difference: This position is developmental to the full performance level of GS-12. The duties performed are those of a first-level journeyman who works with higher-grade staff and who independently utilizes standard and well-established techniques and methods. The supervisor provides advice and reviews work for compliance with policies, completeness and technical adequacy. This is not a complete position description without the full performance position description attached.


GS-11 Statement of Difference: This position is developmental to the full performance level of GS-12. The duties performed are those of a journeyman who functions with substantial independence on a full range of assignments. The supervisor may provide advice and some technical review on the more complex, broad and unusual projects assigned. This is not a complete position description without the full performance position description attached.










The incumbent of the position is located in the Multifamily Hub and is supervised by and responsible to the Supervisory Project Manager who assigns work in general terms of overall objectives and results desired. The position requires practical knowledge of a wide range of policies and procedures for the origination and servicing of the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance programs, the Section 202 and 811 Capital Advance programs, and the Section 8 Project Based programs. While acting as a representative of HUD and the Multifamily Hub, the position requires independent action in making determinations, recommendations, and investigations that involve the above program areas.



The incumbent is responsible for managing the efficient and effective coordination, and accomplishment of planning, scoping, development design, construction, and operation of major multifamily insured and capital advance projects. Applies an extensive knowledge of construction disciplines, development and management concepts, principles, methods and practices. The position requires a broad background and experience in various functions; a full and in-depth understanding of HUD Asset Development and Asset Management procedures and guidelines, and government contracting processes. The incumbent is required to integrate sponsor/customer requirements and participation into a comprehensive asset development and management plan that is fully coordinated with all contributing organizations including various development disciplines, management agent and owner responsibilities; for control and management of project's construction budget and schedule assuring that HUD's commitments to the sponsor/customer are met; and serve as HUD's primary point of contact for sponsor/customers and other external agencies on assigned projects.

The following criteria apply in a review capacity for underwriting and management administered by the mortgagee and in a full processing and management capacity for underwriting and management administered by HUD:

1. Serves as Project Manager, responsible for the overall project application development (processing), construction activity, closing and final management control, coordination and execution in accordance with HUD's published guidelines and guidance. As the Project Manager, implements team decisions and guidance, applicable regulations, and policy in the development of a project. Negotiates and integrates all agency functions including underwriting (planning design review, cost engineering, appraisal, credit evaluation and approval) loan closing, construction, start-up and long term management systems and sponsor/customer needs of assigned project into a comprehensive procedure. Within this plan, integrates schedules and criteria, and establishes the participating parties' assumptions and risks, contingencies, and performance measurement criteria. Responsible for maintaining the individual project timelines as they relate to the management plan goals. Participates in timeline programming decisions affecting long and short range courses of action for assigned projects. Provides input to the Supervisory Project Manager on operating budgets related to projects assigned.

2. Coordinates the planning, design and cost review, environmental review, construction disbursement and initial/final closing coordination for multifamily projects of substantial scope and complexity as measured by their diversity, geographical area, development and management demands, technical intricacies, and public issues. Projects managed are complicated by responsibility for multiple disciplines and differing agenda of participants. This includes compliance with numerous statutory, regulatory and procedural restrictions and jurisdictions. Typical projects include nursing homes, family, elderly and/or disabled apartment complexes. Assignments will also include coordination of a combination of projects which may or may not be homogeneous in complexity, size, or section of the enabling Statute.

3. Controls and manages project milestones and budgets from planning through construction and continuing permanent operations. Measures and monitors performance to assure commitments of all parties are being maintained. Reviews and analyzes invoices and draw requests to assure charges are authorized and appropriate; identifies unauthorized charges and assures corrective actions are taken for the ultimate disposition of inappropriate charges. Reviews project progress measuring performance and taking necessary corrective actions to maintain agreed upon schedule and cost. Based on performance trends, forecasts schedules, budgets, manpower, or quality problems and ensures proper resolution of issues raised. Reconciles sponsor/customer concerns, assuring that all participating parties are informed of project progress, issues and impacts. Reviews and approves, within authorities provided, project cost and schedule changes. Manages project contingency funds to ensure efficient and effective utilization. Provide status reports on projects assigned (progress, issues and trends) to the team and Supervisory Project Manager.


4. Serves as the primary point of contact for projects assigned with sponsor/customer, Federal, State and local government agencies, congressional interests, other external organizations and higher authorities. Responsible for keeping the sponsor/customer fully informed of project progress, issues and their resolution, and any impacts on costs. Assures that sponsor/customer or other agencies participation in the project is in accordance with the agreed upon management plan, that sponsor/customer commitments including cash payments and in-kind services are being maintained, and that sponsor/customer problems or issues and facilitates the resolution of identified problems or issues in the most appropriate manner. Responsible for the development of all required sponsor/customer and HUD agreements, leading the negotiation of such agreements on the part of the Secretary.


5. Determines the credit acceptability and financial capacity of mortgagors, sponsors (both for-profit and not-for-profit) and general contractors involved in the purchase, refinance, or development of multifamily properties. Determines acceptability of non-profit sponsors through an analysis of their motives, experience, and relationships and makes recommendations concerning the acceptance of indemnity agreements whereby the mortgagors assure project completion. Makes an in-depth analysis of financial statements of sponsors and mortgagors to determine working capital and assets available for closing/endorsement.


Performs other duties as assigned.

NOTE: All HUD personnel will comply with safety regulations occupational safety and health standards, and other safety directives and orders.


1. Detailed knowledge of the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance and Section 202/811 programs.

2. Knowledge of the multifamily housing mission, structure, and organizational relationships.

3. Ability to make formal and informal presentations; ability to communicate with diverse partners and customers both orally and in writing.

4. Ability to work independently and within a team concept.


Incumbent is under the direct supervision of the Supervisory Project Manager. The Project Manager is expected to proceed independently in carrying out the assigned duties within office and branch policy, with completeness and accuracy. Controversial questions, highly sensitive matters and questions requiring a higher level of professional qualifications are referred to the Supervisory Project Manager. The incumbent's work is not normally checked in process, but periodically reviewed upon completion in terms of overall objectives of HUD policy and handbooks. Assignments may be received on an individual basis or as routine daily work assignments.


Standard reference books, HUD manuals, dictionaries, HUD releases and guidelines are available as needed for reference purposes. In order to accomplish the desired results, the incumbent is expected to consult these reference books as well as a large body of unwritten policies, precedents and practices which are not completely applicable to the work and are not specific and which deal with matters relating to judgment, efficiency and relative priorities rather than with procedural concerns.


The incumbent of this position requires the application of a practical knowledge of HUD multifamily housing and must make sound decisions and judgments on a variety of complex problems. The incumbent must apply knowledge, reason and logic commensurate with his/her grade to arrive at a reasonable, workable and good decision. His/her daily and routine actions are based on sound judgment and usually accepted without detailed justification.

Incumbent must be able to work effectively with all levels of the office staff in order to promote harmonious cooperation between specialists.


The responsibilities assigned to this position are for the purpose of developing and managing the HUD multifamily housing portfolio. The position serves as the principal focal point for HUD clients in the development and management of HUD's multifamily housing programs. The incumbent informs the public of programs and initiates the processing of applications for multifamily housing programs. Services and recommendations emitting from this position are comprehensive because of their effect on clients. Approval or disapproval of an application, the restriction or termination of projects, legal actions, and the overall success or failure of the Department's objectives are involved.


Personal contacts include visitors from other offices within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, representatives of Public Housing Authorities, city governing bodies, legal aids, sponsors, mortgagees, community groups, and professional groups. The incumbent has extensive working relationships with people doing business with the Department such as sponsors, contractors, architects, mortgagees, residents, and local governmental officials, and must use a high degree of tact in his/her contacts and professional judgment.


Contacts are to advise on multifamily housing programs and policies; to provide technical assistance, exchange information, resolve differences, and serve to enhance Department public relations; to give and obtain information; to set up meetings or arrange travel; and to coordinate and ensure the release of correspondence and reports within required deadlines.


This position places no physical demands on the employee. The work includes some walking, standing, bending and carrying of light items such as paper and books.


The work of this position involves the normal risks and discomforts typical of an office environment.





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