The incumbent of this position is a participant in the Worker-Trainee program, and as such, performs basic clerical functions in support of the clerical and assistance staff in the Branch or Division to which assigned.  The duties of this position are designed to provide an opportunity for the incumbent to learn and improve basic office skills under close direction of the supervisor and/or mentor.  The incumbent is expected to demonstrate willingness and ability to develop skills while assisting the functions of the office.





Performs clerical assistance for the office, such as: Answering the telephone for office staff and transferring calls or taking accurate messages; Receiving and recording incoming correspondence or applications and determines routing by subject matter; Performing duplication function for the office; Utilizing word processing system to print or type documents; Using other computer systems to input data with instructions for higher level clerks or specialists; Filing alphabetically, numerically, or according to assigned subject classification; Searching files, locating materials and furnishing materials to requestor; Checking and verify data by direct comparison with original source material; Tabulating or posting data from source documents to work sheets or other records; Receiving visitors in the office; and Performing other duties as assigned.



FACTOR 1. Knowledge Required by the Position


Knowledge of general office procedures.


Knowledge of alphabetical and numerical filing systems.


Knowledge of the organizational structure and functions.


Knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization to perform limited typing and proofreading tasks.


Skill in operating standard office equipment, such as facsimile machines, word processing software, photocopiers, etc.



FACTOR 2.  Supervisory Control


The supervisor makes assignments and advises incumbent of changes or revisions in procedures. The incumbent is to seek guidance on problems or unfamiliar situations. Work is reviewed for completeness and adherence to instructions and procedures.



FACTOR 3. Guidelines


Procedures for doing the work have been established and a number of specific guidelines are available.


The number and similarity of guidelines and work situations require the incumbent to use judgment in locating and selecting the most appropriate guidelines, references, and procedures.



FACTOR 4.  Complexity


The work involves related steps, processes or methods. The decision regarding what needs to be done involves various choices, requiring the incumbent to choose from among a variety of options.



FACTOR 5. Scope and Effect


The purpose of the work is to support the substantive clerical functions of the office. Performance of assigned work contributes to the efficiency of the daily operation of the office.



FACTOR 6. Personal Contacts


Contacts are primarily with personnel within the assigned component.



FACTOR 7.  Purpose of Contacts


Contacts are for the purpose of exchanging information and receiving instructions.



FACTOR 8. Physical Demands


The work is sedentary in nature, and there are no unusual physical demands.



FACTOR 9. Work Environment


The work is performed in a typical office setting.