This position is established within the organizational structure

listed on the attached cover sheet (AD-332). The incumbent of
this position provides general clerical assistance. The following
is typical of assigned duties:




A. Receives telephone calls, visitors, and mail, exercising considerable judgment in screening those which can be handled by supervisor’s subordinates or other offices, and tactfully refers them as appropriate. Handles routine matters inde­pendently.


B. Establishes and maintains office filing system. Searches files, locates materials, and furnishes materials to requestor.
Searches for materials not easily identified and for misfiled items, using a knowledge of the work of the requestor and
the organization.


C. Compiles data for inclusion in lists, reports, charts, or narra­tive statements; examines and verifies data obtained; and
records this information in the required format using the terminology and procedures common to the office.


D. Prepares and updates recurring reports by researching infor­mation in files or office records, or after consultation with
senior staff members.


E. Drafts correspondence of a noncomplex nature; develops standard letters/form letters; prepares written materials in
proper format and which are grammatically correct and in compliance with established procedures; and ensures they
are written in a clear, concise manner.


F. Schedules meetings and conferences when required; ensures that each participant is notified; makes arrangements for
space, working materials, and other administrative support when needed.


G. Gathers and assembles background materials needed for meetings or as part of an office project, report, or research


H. Processes and maintains office forms/paperwork of an administrative nature as required (i.e., logs, telephone/address
lists, training forms, supply requisitions, travel documents, time and attendance reports, etc.).


I. Resolves recurring problems in the office by setting up simple procedures or improved methods of operation.


J. Performs administrative support duties, such as keeping time and attendance records, photocopying, collating, and
messenger service.


K. Performs other duties as assigned.



Factor 1                              Knowledge of organization structure and the organization’s workflow and terminology.


REQUIRED                       Knowledge of staff assignments sufficient to refer telephone callers, visitors, and mail to appropriate       

                                          staff members, and to obtain information.


Knowledge of office procedures and agency clerical and ad­ministrative policies sufficient to establish and maintain files; route mail; perform a variety of record keeping, data gathering, reporting, and informational duties; and assist in expediting the work of the office.




Factor 2                              The incumbent receives direction from supervisor and technical guidance from higher graded clerical SUPERVISORY                staff members. The supervisor makes assignments, generally indicating what is to be done, CONTROLS                      quality and quantity expected, deadlines, and priorities. Additional instructions are provided for new,      

                                          difficult, or un­usual assignments. Only problems and unfamiliar situations not covered by 

                                          instructions are referred to supervisor.


The supervisor ensures that finished work is accurate and in compliance with instructions and established procedures.



Factor 3                               Procedures for doing the work have been established and a number of specific guidelines are GUIDELINES                     available, including verbal instructions, procedural and style manuals, HUD regulations, and                                               other material related to the clerical work of the organiza­tion. Judgment is used in locating the most          

                                            appropriate guides, references, and procedures.



Factor 4                               The work consists of duties that involve related steps, processes,
COMPLEXITY                   or methods.

The decision regarding what needs to be done involves various choices, requiring the incumbent to recognize the existence of and differences among a few easily recognizable situations.

Actions to be taken or responses to be made differ in such things
as the source of information, the kind of transactions or entries,
or other differences of a factual nature.


Factor 5                               The work involves the execution of specific rules, regulations, or procedures and

SCOPE AND                      typically comprises a complete segment of an assignment or project of broader scope. The              

EFFECT                              work product or service affects the accuracy, reliability, or acceptability of further                                                            processes or services.


The purpose of the work is to relieve the supervisor and staff
members of clerical tasks, and to contribute to the smooth administrative functioning of the office.



Factor 6                               Contacts are with members of the office to which assigned, and with other agency personnel or PERSONAL                        outside organizations as required. Contacts are usually by phone or in the office of the Incumbent.


Factor 7                               The purpose of the contacts is to provide or obtain information
PURPOSE OF                     or to provide for coordination with other offices.



Factor 8                               The work is primarily sedentary, but occasional walking, stoop­ing,
PHYSICAL                         lifting, and bending are required in carrying out the duties of the
DEMANDS                         position.




Factor 9                               The work is performed in an office setting.