This position is located in the Multifamily Hub. Performs a wide variety of work related to assigned reviews and evaluations of architectural, engineering, and administratively related plans and documents including drawings, specifications, bid documents, addenda and change orders which are submitted by applicants for HUD's multifamily housing programs. Reviews architectural and engineering work performed under fee contracts. Serves, and is recognized, as highly trained specialist with responsibility for ensuring that proposed multifamily program projects, such as Mortgage Insurance and Capital Advances meet HUD requirements. Assignments include projects incorporating complex design features and unusual and advanced building designs, materials and construction techniques. These structures consist of housing for the elderly and disabled, nursing homes, mobile home parks, and high-rise elevator type apartments:




The incumbent is responsible for managing the efficient and effective coordination, and accomplishment of planning, scoping, development design, construction, and operation of major multifamily insured and capital advance projects. Applies an extensive knowledge of construction disciplines, development and management concepts, principles, methods and practices. The position requires a broad background and experience in various functions; a full and in-depth understanding of HUD Asset Development and Asset Management procedures and guidelines, and government contracting processes. The incumbent is required to integrate sponsor/customer requirements and participation into a comprehensive asset development and management plan that is fully coordinated with all contributing organizations including various development disciplines, management agent and owner responsibilities; for control and management of project's construction budget and schedule assuring that HUD's commitments to the sponsor/customer are met; and serve as HUD's primary point of contact for sponsor/customers and other external agencies on assigned projects.


The following criteria apply in a review capacity for underwriting administered by the mortgagee and in a full processing and management capacity for underwriting administered by HUD. Asset Management responsibilities remain the full responsibility of HUD.


1.        Visits project sites to determine conditions of off-site construction or demolition. Evaluates project sites for unusual site conditions such as soil faults, drainage problems, or other design problems that may increase the site development cost or decrease the value of the land. Maintains files on soil classifications, materials, installations, contractors, construction superintendents, and architects so that data gathered will allow faster and more accurate processing.


2.        Reviews and evaluates (on multifamily projects) the sponsor's housing construction proposals. Selects and evaluates data submitted relevant to the design and construction of the particular project from the architectural and engineering data and prepares the specific documentation required at this stage for project acceptability or rejection.


3.        Examines existing properties for structural soundness. Determines repairs needed to bring them up to acceptable standards so determination on feasibility of rehabilitation can be made. Reviews the description of proposed housing rehabilitation to ensure it reflects agreements reached at the joint inspection between architect, sponsor, etc. Reviews the economics of demolition weighted against cost of rehabilitation, and reviews the suitability of the rehabilitated project to accommodate needs of its occupants.


4.        Reviews contract award documents to ascertain if the proposed bid is the lowest or lowest acceptable, consistent with the Owner's Invitation for Bids and bid package and in an amount consistent with the construction budget.


5.        Reviews contract documents submitted for firm commitments. Reviews and evaluates designs and construction proposal to insure conformance with HUD technical standards. Makes recommendations on acceptability of design and construction proposals. Prepares contract drawings and specifications for initial closing and attends the preconstruction conference.


6.        Periodically observes construction at the site to evaluate the contractor's and architect's performance; reviews proposed change orders; determines whether the amounts on the contractors requisition are reasonable; conducts employee wage interviews; reports on Labor and EEO complaints; assures the quality of construction is in accordance with the approved contract documents and assures that required repairs under Preservation Capital Needs Assessments have been done. Records action taken on each site visit on HUD's inspection forms. Takes appropriate action on non-compliance until corrections are completed to the satisfaction of HUD.


7.        The incumbent is responsible for respecting the customer, and demonstrating that respect through courteous treatment; directing customers and correspondence to the appropriate party and offering to provide additional assistance; providing quality products through simple communication, following-up and reaching out to the client; and providing timely service and results which are monitored by soliciting feedback from customers. Quality customer service is a fundamental responsibility of the position.


8.        The incumbent functions in a "team" environment, offering and providing assistance as necessary and working cooperatively with others in order to complete work assignments and attain goals. Positive and effective teamwork as demonstrated through cooperation and coordination with other staff members is paramount in the effective delivery of HUD programs.


Performs other duties as assigned.


NOTE: All HUD personnel will comply with safety regulations occupational safety and health standards, and other safety, directives and orders.


1.        Detailed knowledge of the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance and Section 202/811 programs.

2.        Knowledge of the multifamily housing mission, structure, and organizational relationships and their inter-relationships between the many programs and funding support functions as they are applied within HUD.

3.        Knowledge of both construction practices for housing in order to examine drawings and specifications for compliance with standards; estimate construction costs; alterations; and repair. Ability to negotiate the resolution of construction problems or complaints so that the project can be continued. Ability to write clear and concise reports to support findings
and recommendations. Knowledge of the various HUD multifamily housing programs and their philosophies so that both the human and the structural needs are met.

4.        Knowledge of construction related to buildings and appurtenant structures.

5.        Knowledge of plans, specifications; and estimates of materials and costs for construction, extensive alterations, and repair of buildings.

6.        Knowledge, skill, and experience in all phases of construction involved in large multifamily dwellings, such as high-rise structures, multi-story nursing homes, limited care facilities, special care facilities, and other unique structures included in various Departmental programs.

7.        Knowledge, skill, and experience in properly interpreting construction plans, specifications, soil analysis, and other engineering data.

8.        Knowledge, skill, and experience in applying construction cost estimating principles involving new and substantial rehabilitation construction in the various Departmental programs.

9.        Knowledge of Federal and State accessibility standards and requirements.

10.     Ability to make formal and informal presentations; ability to communicate with diverse partners and customers both orally and in writing.

11.     Ability to work independently and within a team concept.


The incumbent's immediate supervisor provides overall administrative guidance regarding agency policies, procedures and priorities. The supervisor assigns work to the incumbent in terms of broad, general objectives. The incumbent works independently, advising the supervisor of significant or precedent-setting cases. Most of the workload generated, as a result the work plans of the incumbent, will result from his/her active analysis of the physical condition of the multifamily projects in inventory. Therefore, most assignments will be generated based on the initiative of the incumbent. Decisions and recommendations are normally accepted without change. Work is evaluated on the basis of quality, quantity, timeliness, service to the industry an adherence to sound construction practices, principles and procedures.


Standard reference books, HUD manuals, dictionaries, HUD releases and guidelines are available as needed for reference purposes. In order to accomplish the desired results, the incumbent is expected to consult these reference books as well as a large body of unwritten policies, precedents and practices which are not completely applicable to the work and are not specific and which deal with matters relating to judgment, efficiency and relative priorities rather than with procedural concerns. 


The incumbent of this position requires the application of practical knowledge of HUD multifamily housing and must make sound decisions and judgments on a variety of complex problems. The incumbent must apply knowledge, reason and logic commensurate, with his/her grade to arrive at reasonable, workable and good decision. Daily and routine actions are based on sound judgment and usually accepted without detailed justification.

Incumbent must be able to work effectively withal/ levels of the office staff in order to promote harmonious cooperation between specialists.


The responsibilities assigned to this position are for the purpose of managing construction and repair aspect of the HUD multifamily housing portfolio. The position serves as the principal focal point for HUD clients in the development and management of HUD's multifamily housing programs. Services and recommendations emitting from this position are comprehensive because of their effect on clients. Approval or disapproval of an application, the restriction or termination of projects, legal actions, and the overall success or failure of the Department's objectives are involved.


Personal contacts include visitors from other offices within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, representatives of Public Housing Authorities, city governing bodies, legal aids, sponsors, mortgagees, community groups, non-profits, and professional groups. The incumbent has extensive working relationships with people doing business with the Department such as sponsors, contractors, architects, mortgages, residents, and local governmental officials; and must use high degree of tact in his/her contacts and professional judgment.


Contacts are to advise on multifamily housing programs and policies as it relates to construction and repair aspects; to provide technical assistance, exchange information, resolve differences, and serve to enhance Department public relations; to give and obtain information; to set up meetings or arrange travel; and to coordinate and ensure the release of correspondence and reports within required deadlines. 


Much of the time is spent walking, standing, and climbing stairs. Involves driving or other forms of transit to project locations.


The work area is lighted, heated and ventilated. Involves normal risks or discomforts associated with offices, meeting rooms, residences, or motor vehicles. Occasional travel may be required.


The position requires the services of an expert construction analyst, who is expected to keep abreast of the pertinent industry research and development, and to apply those principles to reduce costs, extend the useful life of projects and to make maximum utilization of available resources.