The definition of the grade level as spelled out in the law (5 U.S.C. 5104); a description of the grade level concept pertaining to clerical and assistance work written in narrative format in terms of two evaluation factors: Nature of A~ sI~ nment (which includesthe elements knowledge required and complexity of the work), and Level of Responsibility (which includes the elements of supervisory controls, guidelines, and contacts).




The incumbent performs a full range of standard assignments and resolves recurring problems consisting of related steps, processes, and/or methods. The incumbent must identify and recognize differences amount a variety of recurring situations.


The work requires the ability to follow established procedures and some subject matter knowledge of the organizationís programs and operations. This ability and knowledge is required to ensure the incumbent can determine what is being done, why the action is being taken, and how it must be accomplished.




The supervisor provides minimal assistance with recurring assignments. The incumbent uses initiative to complete work assignments in accordance with accepted practices, referring only the unusual situations to the supervisor or higher level employee.


Work procedures have been established and a number of guidelines are available. Work situations require that the employee use judgment in locating and selecting the most appropriate guidelines, references, and procedures. Minor deviations may be made to adapt the guidelines to specific cases.


Contacts are with co-workers and those outside the organization for the purpose of exchanging information and in some cases to resolve problems related to the immediate assignment.




The incumbent performs a full range of assignments consisting of different and unrelated steps, processes or methods. The incumbent must identify and understand the issues involved and determine what steps and procedures as necessary and the order of their performance for each assignment.


The work requires extensive knowledge of the organizationís rules, procedures, operations or regulations to perform the processing procedures.




The supervisor assigns work by defining objectives, priorities, and deadlines and provides guidance on assignments that do not have clear precedents. Completed work is evaluated for technical soundness, appropriateness, effectiveness in meeting goals.


Guides in the form of instructions, manuals, regulations and precedents are applicable to the work. The number and similarity of guides and work situations require the use of judgment in locating and selecting the most appropriate guidelines and adapting them t6 the circumstances of the specific case. The incumbent must determine th& most appropriate of several alternative guidelines. If guides are not applicable, the incumbent refers the case to the supervisor.

Contacts are with a variety of persons within and Ďoutside the agency for the purpose of receiving or providing information relating to the work or to resolve problems in connection with assignments.



The incumbent has responsibility for the continuing processes of the function based on the direct application of established policies, practices, and criteria. Assignments involve a relatively narrow range of case situations which involves identifying issues, problems, or conditions. The incumbent must seek alternative solutions to problems or situations where there is not one absolutely correct solution, only the best or most appropriate one.

The work requires practical knowledge of the guidelines and precedent cases relating to the specific processing functions of the Branch.


Supervisor provides interpretation of policy or concepts and theories on precedent assignments. Completed work is evaluated for appropriateness and effectiveness in meeting goals.

Regulations, instructions, evaluation criteria, and prior case guidelines are available, but are not always applicable to the assignments or lack specificity.




I.                    INTRODUCTION:


This position is in the Office of Multifamily Housing. The incumbent serves as a technical assistant providing administrative support to the Office of Multifamily Housing staff.


The position requires the performance of a variety of complex duties. As a member of the Office of Multifamily Housing staff, the incumbent performs a variety of duties that require an understanding of the responsibilities of the DAS and a good knowledge of Housing Programs and organization. In carrying out the duties of the position, the
incumbent must be able to work with and communicate effectively with key Departmental staff, executives of other Federal agencies, members of Congress, and executives from private industry.




A.     Program Management and Internal Controls

Coordinates administrative matters in the his/her immediate office. Working with the Office Director, Deputy Director, and Team Leaders Managers, the incumbent consolidates all administrative reports including budgetary input, procedure data, management information requirements, etc.


Initiates necessary correspondence, such as acknowledgment letters, requests for additional information and transmittal memorandums filling in references, dates, citations from manual, regulations, etc., which requires researching and extracting from files and records. Prepares materials in final form, assembles material, with necessary attachments, routes material for appropriate distribution. Conducts appropriate follow-up.


Assumes and carries out a variety of special assignments, involving the development of methods or operation or improvements in administrative practices of the officeprocedures and work routines. On the basis of findings,. recommends, and assists in the adoption of policies and procedures designed, to improve administrative functions.


Assists in preparation of issuances, regulations, handbooks, handbook changes, etc.


Coordinates all travel requirements for the Office including budgeting and review of vouchers prior to approval.


As assigned, performs research and gathers background data for use by the Director, Deputy Director, and Team Leaders.


Assists in special efforts to collect program information, and statistical or budget data.


Assists in the preparation of training sessions.


Provides staff support for formal presentations, briefings, and meetings.


Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


Prepares quarterly and year-end reports for recurring actions.



Internal Controls


The Program Assistant serves as the control point for Office and Team activities and responsibilities. Establishes and maintains logs and controls to assure timely accomplishment of work and goals, and events such as conferences, staff meetings, industry meetings, etc. Assists staff in follow-up as necessary.


Prepares various program and administrative reports, computer generated reports, charts, and status reports on multifamily projects as needed.


Oversees filing of projects and program files to ensure completeness and that correspondence and documents are filed in the most efficient manner. Sets up special files as the need arises, such as subject files, etc., so that information is available for status control and preparation of special reports.




The incumbent must have:


A general working knowledge of Federal Housing Administration programs and Housing regulations, directives and handbooks pertaining to the multifamily programs under the Office's jurisdiction, and a familiar knowledge of the Directorís or managers view, policies, and special interest. The position also requires a good knowledge of the Departmental organization, and administrative procedures.


General understanding of the procedures and requirements as they relate to the maintenance of records, preparation of statistical and budget reports, and ability to solve administrative problems.


Ability to identify and obtain research and information on housing and related issues.


Knowledge of microcomputer applications to input data and retrieve appropriate automated reports.


Excellent typing skills.


Ability to manipulate data files on personal computer.


Ability to write responses to correspondence.


Ability to work under the pressure of meeting due dates or priority requirements.


Ability to write clear and concise letters or other narrative material.




Work is performed under the general supervision of the Office Director Deputy Director and Team Leader' who make assignments on broad terms and furnish guidance in resolving problems in various degrees of difficulty not covered by available guidelines.


The incumbent is expected to recognize all types of problems as they arise and to recommend solutions based upon experience, expertise, and judgment.


Work is reviewed on the basis of compliance with guidelines and instructions, technical proficiency and overall results achieved.




Guidelines include HUD and Housing regulations, program procedures, manuals, and general regulations of several Federal agencies (OPM, OMB and Treasury). However, the incumbent frequently must adapt operating procedures to new situations due to frequent program, regulatory, and system changes. In addition, guidelines and agency instructions will be utilized (handbooks, notices, etc.) to keep staff informed of new or changing policies and regulations.




The incumbent will require versatility to perform the functions of this position which entails shifting frequently from one phase or type of work to another.


The incumbent works on a staff which is involved with MUD `s Multifamily Housing programs. The programs are Housing-wide and the incumbent must make varied recommendations.


Incumbent must be able to react responsively and with a positive attitude to rapidly changing requirements and adverse conditions, and adapt methods and procedures to new situations.




It is mandatory that the incumbent possess the ability to communicate effectively with departmental staff, executives of other government agencies and private industry, members of Congress including public interest groups. The incumbent must have good working relationships with his/her superiors and a thorough knowledge of the programs and organizations for which incumbent is responsible in order to convey instructions to the staff and resolve, resolve various problems and situations that affect the orderly and efficient flow of work.




Personal contacts are by phone and personal callers to the office from Federal, State, national, regional and local officials, business organizations, citizens, etc., concerning various aspects of Multifamily Housing programs.


The incumbent `s contacts are with Congressional staff, State and local officials, public interest organizations and private industry. The incumbents also is in contact with program development employees, and employees of other areas of HUD.




The purpose of contacts is to give and obtain information regarding compliance
with established policies and procedures, and to set up appointments and




The work is mostly sedentary; however, the incumbent is required to do some walking, standing, bending, and carrying of light items such as papers, books, files, etc. Otherwise, the position requires long periods of sitting and working on a personal computer. No special physical demands are required to perform work.




The work is performed in an office setting.


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