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The incumbent of the position is located in the (indicate city and state) Multifamily HUB) and is supervised by and responsible to the Supervisory Project Manager Team Coordinator who assigns work in general terms of overall objectives and results desired. Senior Project Manager/Coordinator are primarily responsible for project management in order to revitalize a targeted group of potentially troubled and troubled multifamily projects.


Because of the complexity of the major duties and responsibilities of the position, it requires mastery of project knowledge practical knowledge of all multifamily housing programs administered by the Department. This includes knowledge of statutes, regulations and mortgage servicing policies and procedures that relates to the functions of all insured and direct loans, subsidized and unsubsidized housing programs. This position requires independent action in making determinations and recommendations to rectify physical, financial, and ownership problems that caused the existing difficulties at the property.


The incumbent is an expert principal advisor to the Supervisory Project Manager Team Coordinator for all matters regarding (1) property assessments required to ascertain cause and effect of the project's difficulties, (2) communications with the project owner/management agent, local government and residents necessary to develop an action plan, and 3) the creation, the implementation and the monitoring of curative plans.


The incumbent serves as a master in problem identification and resolution. In consultation with other staff, the incumbent performs duties involving the most complex and the most controversial cases to develop curative plans for problems that could not be assigned to less knowledgeable or less experienced staff.





The incumbent is responsible for (1) performing as an expert in assessment of the problems ascertain the cause and the effect of the project's difficulties, (2) collecting, analyzing and recording extensive project and market information in order to develop a problem diagnosis and a recommended response and (3) arranging meetings with the project owner the management agent, the local government and the residents.


Due to the incumbent's exceptional experience, he/she is often called upon to manage and coordinate extensive and extremely complicated or sensitive projects, impacting on improvement of organizational efficiency and/or economy.


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Analyzes potential or actual multifamily mortgage defaults to determine cause and effect, and formulates a corrective plan which may include a forbearance or modification agreement, Section 241 operating loss loan, partial payment of claim, flexible subsidy, tax relief/abatement, management improvement and operating plan, Section 8
abatement/termination, foreclosure recommendation or other available tools. Negotiates corrective action plans and/or administrative remedies to preserve and to protect project income through the issuance of appropriate instructions to the mortgagor and/or mortgagee.


Conducts expert comprehensive management review of potentially troubled and troubled projects (including physical inspections, occupancy, management and maintenance operations) by reviewing all project files, drawing on own knowledge and past experience, as well as the advice and the guidance of the Supervisory Project Manager
Coordinator, in order to identify specific problems and to develop solutions.


Meets with residents and project staff (e.g., project supervisors, project managers, maintenance staff, etc.) and looks at/observes exterior and interior physical conditions, etc., in order to identify specific problems and to develop and to explore alternative solutions to correcting the physical and financial deficiencies of the properties.


Prepares expert in-depth comprehensive reports and correspondences concerning findings and recommendations to achieve compliance with Multifamily Housing Statutory and Regulatory requirements and established policies and procedures. Analyzes project problems and needs, with the Supervisory Project Manager Coordinator, the owner, the management agent, the residents, the Enforcement Center, the Assessment Center, the Section 8 Center, the local HUD office personnel (e.g., Fair Housing, Public Housing, Community Builder, etc.), the local government officials, etc., of potentially troubled and troubled projects, in order to negotiate solutions to specific problems identified.


Negotiates with tact, diplomacy and persuasion to gain owners' cooperation in regard to the initiation, scope and contents of necessary corrective action, by providing technical assistance and advice when necessary.


Maintains housing data systems and develops reports to identify and to document problems, as well as to prepare detailed plans of corrective actions. Proposes curative action plans to rectify the physical, financial, social and ownership problems that caused the difficulties these properties are experiencing.


The incumbent is responsible for not only assigning and monitoring his/her workload, as well as tracking work progress and status, estimating and reporting on work completion, and providing feedback to other members of the Program Center or Multifamily HUB, but also provide advice and guidance to Senior Project Manager and other staff.


Provides expert guidance to field offices regarding established policies and procedures.


Develops and conducts technical training to assist in accomplishing quality servicing.



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Propose appropriate administrative sanctions to be applied or program actions necessary to protect the public interest or security and integrity of the HUD housing programs.


Consults with and the Supervisory Project Manager Coordinator regarding projects to be referred to the Office of the Inspector General and/or Enforcement Center where evidence of fraud, waste, mismanagement; civil or criminal conduct is evident and sufficient in scope to warrant referral.


Analyzes and develops methods for handling follow-up necessary to monitor the implementation and the completion of curative action plans.




1.      Knowledge Required


Mastery of knowledge of all multifamily housing program, structure, missions, functions and their organizational relationships.


Mastery of practical knowledge of real estate principles and practices, methods of accounting, financial management and property management.


Master of knowledge of HUD programs, standards, requirements, policies, and procedures applicable to management and operations of multifamily housing.


Mastery of practical knowledge of legal rights and responsibilities of owner, agent, and other interested parties which are contained in management documents (e.g., deed of trust, deed of trust note, management agreement, management plan, etc.) etc.).


Ability to make formal and informal presentations (both written and oral).


Ability to coordinate projects with staff.


Mastery of knowledge of established management principals, practices, and techniques in administering a specific housing program.





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Ability to determine project's potential and develop course of action which will serve HUD's best interest while giving consideration to the impact on the owner, the residents and the local community.


Mastery of knowledge of the FHA Multifamily mortgage insurance and Section 202/811 programs.


Mastery in applying these principles of complete, sensitive or precedent setting task.


2.      Supervisory Controls:


This position is under the general supervision of the Supervisory Project Manager Team Coordinator in the Multifamily HUB, Office of Multifamily Housing Management. Completed work is evaluated in terms of overall effectiveness in achieving program objectives.


3.      Guidelines:


Guidelines used include the National Housing Act of 1937, as amended, HUD's policy initiatives, General Accounting, Office of Management and Budget and  other related materials. Judgment and discretion will be used in determining, interpreting and revising existing policy, where appropriate and in accordance with outstanding rules and regulations.


4.      Complexity:


Typical assignments require analyzing the project's overall financial situation in order to develop detailed plans and goals for implementing a specific Housing program, and/or develop criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the specific Housing program policies and procedures. Assignments will involve using different and unrelated processes and methods in order to improve program effectiveness. This requires assessing many issues, including pertinent regulations, a variety of documentation and selecting a course of action from various alternatives. Successful execution of the corrective action plan depends upon the ability to initiate, direct, coordinate; perform various complex and difficult tasks and a willingness to consult with Supervisory Project Managers and Program Centers.


5.      Scope and Effect:


The work to be performed involves establishing methods and criteria for assessing the effectiveness of multifamily troubled housing program policies and procedures.The impact of the corrective action plan will involve both policy programs and contracts between the Government. and the private sector. The purpose of the work is to initiate a corrective action plan that will have a visible and viable improvement to the project's problems and to obtain permanent solution.


6.      Personal Contracts:


Personal contacts will include Headquarter's staff, program centers, field office staff, project owners, managers, lawyers, or other project representatives, project residents, local governments, and private industry.


7.      Purpose of Contacts:


Contacts are for the purpose of obtaining, providing, or clarifying information, gathering facts, resolving issues, coordinating and devising methods and solutions for implementing a corrective action plan for restoring the physical and financial integrity of the property.


8.      Physical Demands:


The work includes some walking, standing, bending and carrying of items such as laptop computer, files, papers and books, etc.


9.      Work Environment:


Work is usually performed in an office setting but requires some travel to actual project sites.





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