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Grievances on this page were filed/completed in 2006. Generally, Locals enforce the contract which is bargained by the Council. Sometimes, however, management violations of the contract harm employees in more than one Local. For example, when management issued multiple telework policies, that harmed employees throughout the nation. The Council filed a Grievance of the Parties. Copies of the current Grievances of the Parties can be found at this page. Completed Grievance of the Parties are in the "More Grievance" column below. Look here to keep track of grievances that may seek to enforce your rights in the workplace.

Management Failure to Pay Arbitrators
11/15/06 - Settlement Agreement
09/15/04 - Grievance of the Parties

Management Failure to Distribute Supplements
01/31/06 - Memorandum of Understanding
09/15/2004 - Grievance of the Parties

Reasonable Accommodation
07/06/2005 Mgmt Decision
05/12/2005 RA Training Grievance of the Parties

Transfer of Functions
MF Funding Function and Service Coordinator Function Transfers
8-25-05 Grievance of the Parties