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 Updated October 6, 2003 

There are many groups and organizations interested in HUD programs and policies. These allies for HUD can also be allies for HUD employees. Therefore, the Council reaches out when possible to make bridges with these allies. We ask them to listen us, and it's important that we listen to them. Look here for information from these groups about their concerns about HUD programs and more.

National Alliance of HUD Tenants (
A Multi-cultural, tenant controlled alliance of tenant organizations in privately-owned, multi-family HUD-assisted housing. Hundreds of tenant associations representing thousands of tenants in every region of the country are already involved, with affiliated coalitions in 32 states working together to preserve affordable housing, protect tenants rights, promote tenant ownership and control...

- 09/30/03 - NAHT Delivers stinging letter to HUD Secretary Martinez, threatened by security policy while distributing copies to HQ workforce Click here to read letter delivered to Martinez. Below information sent to us from NAHT via email:

"Last Tuesday, September 30, NAHT board members delivered a stinging letter to HUD Secretary Martinez blasting his administration for its anti-tenant housing policies, evident refusal to meet with tenants, and policy of punishing nonprofits who work with tenants through the OTAG "witchhunt."

"In an unusual move, several NAHT board members distributed copies of the letter to HUD's entire Washington, D.C. headquarters workforce as they came to work Tuesday morning. HUD security police threatened NAHT representatives with arrest if they handed out the letter on HUD property, so most distribution occurred from the sidewalk and subway entrances outside of the building. The letter appeared to strike a positive chord with many HUD employees who appear to be equally frustrated with the incompetence and disengagement of Bush Administration political appointees criticized in the NAHT letter."

"The letter was prompted by Asst. Secretary Weicher's last-minute cancellation of a meeting with the NAHT Board, which Weicher's office had originally scheduled for September 30. The meeting had been scheduled after outgoing NAHT Board President Louise Sanchez secured a public commitment from Weicher on a HUD telecast to its staff in August that he would meet with the NAHT Board. The cancellation meant that neither Martinez, Weicher, his Deputy Sean Cassidy, nor the new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing have been willing to meet with NAHT since October 2001, breaking a 15 year tradition of regular meetings with tenants going back to the Reagan Administration."

"After handing out the letter, the Board did have a three hour meeting with Fred Tombar and several lower level staff, including OMHAR Director Hank Williams. But two armed security guards "escorted" the board after they entered the building, followed female board members to the restroom, and initially refused to allow board members into HUD's cafeteria. In an unprecedented move, the armed guards remained outside the door of the meeting to keep the board under "house arrest" while they met with Tombar, and even gave Tombar flak when he tried to move the meeting at one point."

"This rude and insulting treatment to the elected representatives of NAHT underscores the Bush Administration's contempt for poor people and their allies, and is surely not meted out to representatives of owners or housing authorities when they meet with HUD. NAHT will continue to confront the Administration's representatives to demand a response to tenants' concerns."

- 06/21-23/03 - President Federoff guest plenery speaker/workshop participant at National Alliance of HUD Tenants Conference.
- Federoff's Speech | Sec 8 Contract Administrator Info Federoff presented at conference
- 05/20/03 letter to HUD Secretary Mel Martinez
- informational handout
- HUD and Public Hsg Tenant Alert (dated 04/15/03)

Bringing America Home (
Read about the national, broad based initiative's goal of ending homelessness. Their Bringing America Home Act is a comprehensive bill which includes housing, health, income and civil rights components. The provisions include an increase of Section 8 vouchers, increased authorization levels of HUD and more.

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