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updated Sept 9, 2005 

This page is the beginning of the resource library, arranged by major topics (below). Click on any library topic below to go to its web page. The check box to the left holds forms, contracts, supplements and more.

A-76 Study- Go to this page for the most current information on HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing A-76 study. You can also access this page by clicking the A-76 icon on our homepage.

Bargaining- Council 222 is primarily responsible for negotiating over proposed changes in working conditions that impact employees nationwide. Thus, we bargain over implementation of new technology, reorganizations and realignments, reasonable accommodation and hardship transfer policies, and more. The includes notices from management of proposed changes, and the Council's bargaining proposals. Until the parties meet at the bargaining table, the Council's proposals may be added to and amended. Use the bargaining page to keep track of the latest proposed changes at HUD. If issues are important to you, give your suggestions to your Local President.

Contracting Out - Under the FAIR Act, the Council has the right to challenge the positions that management lists as commercial for the purpose of contracting out. Member input is crucial to our challenges. Look to the contracting out page to find information about management plans to contract out your work. If we haven't challenged the inclusion of your job, or our challenge for your job could be better, give your suggestions to your Local President.

EBOARD - This is a private area of our website, providing resources to Local officers and stewards. It includes research systems and other data than can help your Local win grievances and arbitrations. It also includes financial data and minutes from Council Executive Board meetings. Because the Council 222 website is a public website, but not all information should be shared with the public (or management), this part of the website requires password access.

Grievances - Generally, Locals enforce the contract which is bargained by the Council. Sometimes, however, management violations of the contract harm employees in more than one Local. For example, when management issued multiple telework policie, that harmed employees throughout the nation. The Council filed a Grievance of the Parties. Copies of current and recent Grievances of the Parties can be found at this page. Look here to keep track of grievances that may seek to enforce your rights in the workplace.

Legislative - This page will have reference material on lobbying, the federal budget process and more. We will also post samples of letters sent by our members to their Senators and Representatives. Send copies of letters you have sent to Congress for possible inclusion in the Library.

Other Resources - The resource you may be looking for could be here! There are: copies of Position Descriptions (we're slowly building an electronic library of PDs); weekly listings of all vacancy announcements posted for HUD jobs; copies of the Council's testimony before Congressional Committees; a page dedicated to HUD allies and more. It's information to use and information to know.

Surveys - When employees are selected to participate in HUD surveys, management should provide the union with advance notice (see Article 3, Section 3.08 of the Contract). You can find the surveys and notice of them, here.

ULPs (Unfair Labor Practices) - The labor relations statute creates rights and obligations on the part of unions, management and employees. If either labor or management fails to perform its obligation to the other party, an unfair labor practice (ULP) may be filed. A ULP charge may also be filed if either labor or management interferes with the rights each has been given under the statute. Employees can protect their rights under the statute by filing ULP charges against labor or management. For more go to the Federal Labor Relations Authority website:

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