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Updated Sept 19, 2005  

The resource you may be looking for could be here! There are: copies of Position Descriptions (we're slowly building an electronic library of PDs); weekly listings of all vacancy announcements posted for HUD jobs; copies of the Council's testimony before Congressional Committees; a page dedicated to HUD allies and more. It's information to use and information to know.

'05 Budget:
July 9, 03 letter to Office of Budget Director David Gibbons
Single Family Budget Proposal
Multi-Family Budget Proposal

Allies Page
Groups and organizations interested in HUD programs and policies.

Child Care Tuition Assistance Program
Guidebook & Forms

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)
Bush Administration proposes to consolidate CDBG into Dept of Commerce - Council 222 issued a press release and produced an analysis of the Administration proposal
CDBG White Paper

FTE Levels and Required Action (Revised Program)
07/19/03 HUD Corrective Action Plan

HTA Training Academy
11/30/04 Federoff report on HTA Board of Governors Mtg
(includes proposed FY-05 HTA budget)
FY-05 proposed Program Technical Training Allocations

Labor Management Relations Meetings

Merit Staffing Problems At HUD:
3/26/04 Union Proposal to Secretary Regarding Hiring at HUD

News Briefs Page (test page)

Position Descriptions Database:
Initial Request for Position Descriptions
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 of Position Descriptions

Senate Subcommittee Docs:
entire hearing transcript
oral testimony
written testimony of Federoff

Staffing Plan For Fiscal Year 2004
For FY 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, Congress asked HUD to submit a briefing plan to the Committee on Appropriations that was based on the Resource Estimation and Allocation Process (REAP) matched with programmatic responsibility. The FY 2004 Appropriation Bill also required, "that the Secretary shall submit a staffing plan for the Department by November 14, 2003." Here is the Department's Staffing Plan for FY 2004 (.pdf format)

Strategic Placement Plan (SPP)
final drafts of memos to staff AND the vacancy list:
- IT employees memo (final draft)
- non-IT employees memo (final draft)
- vacancies list(excel spreadsheet)

02/04/04 - DRAFT documents for the voluntary reassignment plan (Strategic Placement Plan or SPP). The memo to IT staff advising of eligibility under Supplement 52 states the process differs from Supplement 52, but has been approved by the Union. This is incorrect, and the bargaining team is current looking at the proposed changes.
- SPP Memo for IT employees
- SPP Memo for other program area employees
- SPP Interest Statement
- Resume Form
- SPP Voluntary Reassignment Acceptance Certification

02/02/04 - November 03 memo, FY 2004 FTE Ceilings chart and Projected FY 2004 Available Hiring Chart relating to below Strategic Placement. (Click on the name of the document to go to it. You must be in IExplorer to view the word documents)

1/26/04 - Strategic Placement Plan Memorandum (dated January 15, 2004 from Alphonso Jackson to Principal Staff). While waiting for a cleaner copy (we have a fax that is difficult to read) of the memorandum and its attachments we retyped it for you. The memorandum is a Word document, you must save/view with Internet Explorer, not Netscape.

Alphonso Jackson memo dated 05/16/2002
Telework request checklist accompanying 05/16/02 memo

Upward Mobility Program
12/14/04 Union response and proposal
10/08/04 Mgmt proposed memo

Two proposals signed off by HQ (Pg 1 Pg 2) on April 8, 2003 ; 1) Supervisory authority to hire externally for a position includes authority to hire internally using upward mobility and backfilling the resulting vacancy within FTE allocations; 2) Requests, that require HQ approval, to fill GS-7 and below positions externally shall be answered within 60 days of submission to HQ.

Vacancy Announcements
We review the announcements on OPM website daily and post them once a week. Go to OPM site to read complete announcements (keep in mind vacancies are changed/deleted without notice. This quick view list lists postings as originally written). Our postings are deleted as soon as their closing date passes. CLICK HERE to go to the Vacancy List

Workforce Planning at HUD, a Departmental Implementation and Action Plan for Program Offices
FLRA dismisses ULP (06/30/05)
ULP here when we get a copy
04/01/05 Union comments on Plan
Mgmt Memo re:Union's comments
11 page attachment that accompanied above mgmt memo

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