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"Management will provide the Union with advance copies of all HUD surveys and other non-HUD surveys on personnel practices, policies and working conditions if Management receives them in advance. Results, analyses, and recommendations produced by these surveys will be shared with the Union before it is communicated to Bargaining Unit employees. Surveys initiated with the Union's concurrence shall include a statement on the survey indicating the Union's concurrence." (Article 3, Rights and Obligations of the Parties, Section 3.08, HUD and Other Surveys). This page holds HUD survey information for 2003 and 2004.

Federal Career Intern Graduates Survey
- - Article 3 Notice (12/17/04)
- - Introduction to Survey
- - Survey

FHEO Interviews for the Operations and Procedures Manual
- - Article 3 Notice (12/17/04)

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Survey, 2004
- - Article 3 Notice (06/29/04)

IT Survey
- - Article 3 Notice and Letter to AFGE Nat'l President Bobby Harnage (12/01/04)

Information Technology Skills Inventory
- - Article 3 Notice (12/01/04)
- - IT Skills Inventory
- - IT Skills Inventory Participant Questions Package