New Employees PowerPoint Presentation and Information

As a Council, we primarily bargain (at the national level) issues that impact your working conditions. Past negotiations have resulted in flextime, credit hours, telework, and other workplace benefits. We also work with HUD constituents to advocate for HUD programs, and fight wasteful contracting out of federal work. Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer organization; we elect our leadership from our membership. So it's very important that the best employees become union members and activists. As a bargaining unit employee, you are eligible for membership. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to talk with your Local President. Locals are the key to enforcing the benefits we negotiate at a national level. Without strong and active Locals, the contract is just paper. Also, we encourage you to explore our website. Our new employee power point presentation can answer many of your questions about what the union does at HUD. And our bargaining page incudes information on the latest bargaining issues. Again, welcome to HUD. We care deeply about HUD and its mission. We believe that respect in the workplace results in productive and creative employees. We hope you do, too. To join, fill out an SF-1187 and hand it to your Local President! Download our Welcome To HUD powerpoint presentation and contact your Local President (see list below) if you have any questions!

Our Constitution     EO Policy     SF-1187 Form


Audit Committee promptly investigates the provides written recommendations to the Executive Board regarding any questions raised in the Treasurer´s report and performs regular audits as required by the Constitution.
Bargaining (or Mid-Term Bargaining) Committee responds to Article 5 notifications within 10 days to protect the union´s right to bargain. They also prepare demand to bargain notices on issues where management has not provided the Article 5 notice. This committee also notifies management of the Chief Negotiator for each subject after approval by the Executive Board. They also provide assistance to any Local regarding negotiations or how to submit a demand to bargain.
Communication Committee is responsible for development and maintenance of our website, electronic enews database and email mailings, software assistance and negotiation of changes in HUD software/hardware on behalf of the Council.
Grievance Committee provides technical assistance to locals regarding their grievances and arbitrations.
Negotiating Committee chair will be appointed by the Council President, subject to approval of the Executive Board. The chair will choose her or his team members. Team size will be predicated by the nature of the issue to be negotiated and relevant ground rules in the master Agreement. Each negotiating committee will have full authority to act on behalf of the Council. It is the responsibility of the chair of each negotiating committee to submit a written report to the Council Secretary within 30 days of completion of the negotiations, and a copy of the report will be sent to all affiliated Locals.

Labor Management Relations Meetings

Local Presidents and Council 222 Executive Board members gather in DC, yearly, to discuss working conditions at HUD. The union representatives gather a day early and work into the night determining our priorities, drafting questions, and preparing for the meetings.

Executive Board

Ashaki Robinson-Johns
c/o HUD
451 7th Str SW
Washington, DC 20410
Ph: 202-402-5243
Fax: 202-708-7638

Vice President:

c/o HUD
451 7th Str SW
Washington, DC 20410


Lorraine D. Chambers
c/o HUD
801 Cherry Str. Unit 45
Suite 2500
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Ph: 817-978-5877
Fax: n/a


Monique S. Biggs
c/o HUD
451 7th St SW, RM 3142
Washington, DC 20410
Ph: 202-402-3892

Chief Steward:

Antonio A. Carraway
c/o HUD
451 7th St SW
Washington, DC 20410

Regional Vice Presidents

Region 1-New England
Sajid Shahriar, Local 3258
Alternate: Michael Patterson
Box 5
10 Causeway St.
Boston, MA 02222
Ph: 617-994-8265

Region 5-Midwest
Deborah Slakes, Local 2144
Alternate: Ken Brucks
310 West Wisconsin Ave
Suite 1380
Milwaukee, WI 53203-2289
Ph: 414-935-6693, Un Ph: 935-6751

Region 10-NW/Alaska
Perry Casper, Local 3917
Alternate: Michael Clyburn
c/o HUD, Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Fed Bldg
1220 SW 3rd Ave Suite 400
Portland, OR 97204-2830
Union Office Ph: 971-222-2628
Fax: 971-222-0356

Region 2-New York/New Jersey
Salvatore T. Viola, Local 3451
Alternate: Victor Oluwole
P.O. Box 200241
Riverfront Plaza Station
Newark, NJ 07201
Ph: 973-776-7238
Fax: 973-645-2676

Region 6-Southwest
Lorraine D. Chambers, Local 3138
Alternate: Tracy Vargas
c/o HUD
301 NW 6th Str, STE 200
Oklahoma City, OK
Ph: 405-609-8457

Ashaki Robinson Johns
Alternate: Cynthia Carter
c/o HUD
451 7th St SW
Washington, DC 20410
Ph: 202 402-7545
Fax: 202-485-9448

Region 3-Mid-Atlantic
Mary Player, Local 2032
Alternate: Lynn Cox


Region 7-Great Plains
Dwight Smith, Local 3934
Alternate: Vacant
c/o HUD
1222 Spruce Street, 3rd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 418-5254 (Phone)

Region 4-Caribbean
Antonio F. Gaines, Local 1568
Alternate: Koren McKenzie-John
40 Marietta Street
4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Direct: (678) 732-2652
Fax: (404) 730-3589

Region 8-Rocky Mountain
James Flynn, Local 3972
c/o HUD, 1670 Broadway 23 Floor
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: 303-672-5243



Region 1-New England

Region 2-New York/New Jersey

Region 3-Mid-Atlantic

Region 4-SE Caribbean

Region 5-Midwest

Region 6-Southwest

Region 7-Great Plains

Region 8-Rocky Mountain

Region 9-Pacific Hawaii

Region 10-Northwest Alaska



New Jersey
New York



Chicago/Grand Rapids/Springfield

Little Rock
New Orleans
Oklahoma City
Fort Worth/San Antonio/Houston

Kansas City
St Louis/Des Moines


Arizona (not AFGE, is NFFE)
Nevada (not AFGE, is NFFE)
California (not AFGE, is NFFE)


Local Number and President
476 - Ashaki Robinson-Johns

3258 - Linda Katz

3451 - Salvatore T. Viola
3367 - Tom Koszelak
 913 - Victor A. Oluwole

3122 - Greg Curtis
2032 - Lynn Cox
3380 - Ann Taylor

1568 - Antonio Gaines
1009 - John Spears
 259 - NFFE

911 - Patrick S. Cano
3701 - Gordon Black
3435 - Madeline Judkins
1804 - NFFE
3956 - Heather Johns
2144 - Deborah Slakes
3419 - Mike Moran

3963 - Bridgetta E. Holland
3475 - Larry Campbell
3138 - Woodrow Colbert
3320 - Janice E. Duncan
3950 - Jamie Harp

3960 - Erica Buie
3286 - Brian Wells
3934 - Doug Finer

3972 - Christopher Fowler

2403 - Perry Casper (acting)

3917 - Perry Casper