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Articles from various news sites on the 2018 Executive Orders are on their own page for reference. 2018execorders.htm

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Current Contract and Constitution


Council Forms, Manuals, Etc.

Grievance Form - HUD-25016 (fillable word document)
ULP Form (fillable pdf)
Voucher for Reimbursement (fillable pdf)
Join AFGE Form
1998 Contract (Yellow) Supplements for 1998 Contract
1990 Contract (Orange)
1983 Contract
1979 Contract
Bargaining Manual (pdf)
Bargaining Manual (doc)
06/2008 Local Pres Guide
Steward Manual (pdf)
Steward Manual (doc)
2010 Official Time For Training Memo

Council E:alert Archive

PIH Single Point of Contact (09.20.2017)
HUD Reform (09.11.2017) | Reform Plan Attachment to Email
Union Comment On Notice to Employees (06.08.2017)
Student Loan Repayment Window Open (07/26/2016)
OPM Data Breach (06/29/2016)


New Automated Emergency Alert System (11/02/2015)
FLRA Issues Complaint Against Agency After Mgmt Refuses to Negotiate (10/21/2015)
HUD´s Shutdown Plan (09/22/2015)
Deputy Secretary Announcement on Phased Retirement and Pilot personnel Clearinghouse Program (09/21/2015)
Student Loan Repayment Program (09/10/2015)
Cybersecurity Breach (08/07/2015)
PIV Cards, Laptops and Telework (08/07/2015)
AFGE PIV Card Agreement (07/31/2015)
New Contract Signed (07/23/2015)

eNews (12/14/2009)
Strategic Planning (10/27/2009)
Potential Furlough in Five Cylinders? (01/13/2009)

Transition Paper to new Admin, Union Wins Backpay, and more (12/04/2008)
$700 billion payout plan (09/26/2008)
Is HUD Complying with FLSA? (08/13/2008)
HUD to start paying FLSA (08/04/2008)
FLSA Case Settled Notification (03/06/2008)
ePerformance Meeting to Happen In January (01/08/2008)

ePerformance in FY-08 (10/02/2007)
E:Alert to FPM Employees (09/20/2007)
September E:Newsletter (09/11/2007)
ePerformance Survey Results (08/13/2007)
ePerformance Power Point included in 08/13 e:Alert, above
E:Alert PIH Employees (07/27/2007)
E:Alert PIH Employees (04/29/2007)
E:News - Congress Priorities, Buyouts, eRecruit, Nat'l LMR, New England Employees (04/05/2007)
Mgmt´s ePerformance Survey (02/20/2007)
ePerformance Survey to 8 prog offices (01/16/2007)

more e:alerts in right column

Council E:alert Archive Continued
12/20 FHEO eperformance
10/20 Union Wins On Late Awards
10/19 CPD Beta Site Redux
10/19 ePerformane/Supplement 81
10/18 GNMA Eppes Notice
10/18 FHEO Eppes Notice
10/13 Cell phone use when traveling
09/15 FLSA OTime/Comp Time
09/14 All Employee Trg Notice
09/13 GNMA/HHomes ePerformance
08/17 Emergency Contact & HIHRTS
07/17 GS-10/below OTime/Comp Time Notification
06/27 6 AM/Student Loan Update
06/21 Paralegal FLSA Damages Survey
04/18 GS-10s/below FLSA Update
04/05 HQ GS-11s FLSA Notice
04/04 GS-10/below FLSA update
3/30 GS-10/below FLSA case notification
02/15 (HUD employees prevail in 1st major A-76 Study)
02/20 Admin Beta Site Redux
02/08 GS-950 11/12 Paralegals
01/18 Emp Express Discontinued
01/09 GS-360-11-15

Nov 23 CFC Enews
Nov GS-10/below
Nov Issue
Oct HUDCaps
Oct FHEO Intake
Aug (Working 4 America, pt 4)
Aug (Wkg 4 America pt 3)
Aug (Wkg 4 America pt 2)
Aug (Wkg 4 Amer Act of 2005 pt 1)

Nov Issue
Oct 15 CFC E:Alert
May 18 Buyout E:Alert
Apr 27
April Issue
Mar 30
Feb 25
Jan Issue

Sept Issue
Jul Issue
Jun Upcoming Negotiation Notice
May E:Survey Notification
May Upcoming Negotiation Notice
Apr Special Edition
Jan Issue
Jan Urgent Action Alert

Oct FAIR Act Special Alert
Oct Issue
Jul Issue
Jun Issue
Apr Issue
Feb Timely Alert
Jan Issue

Mgmt forms, manuals, etc.

HUD EEO Report 2006
Performance Management Plan for the Performance Management System (aka the RED BOOK, dated 10/90)
Succession Mgmt Plan FY 2006-09 (dated 09/2006)

HUD Program Information

Child Care Tuition Assistance Guidebook and Forms
Telework - HUD@Work Telework Page
COOP Plans Need To Incorporate Telework - (06 GAO testimony for Pandemic Flu)