The labor relations statute creates rights and obligations on the part of unions, management and employees. If either labor or management fails to perform its obligation to the other party, an unfair labor practice (ULP) may be filed. A ULP charge may also be filed if either labor or management interferes with the rights each has been given under the statute. Employees can protect their rights under the statute by filing ULP charges against labor or management. Read more at the Federal Labor Relations Authority website: Other helpful links: EEOC, MSPB, OPM's FLSA Page OSC

Handbook 755.1-Personnel Security and Suitability Policy and Procedures

Chief Negotiator - Jerry Gross
Update: The union filed two complaints with the FLRA because HUD did not respond properly to the Union´s request for information related to the proposed handbook. The Union demonstrated to the FLRA why the information and documentation requested was essential. The FLRA required HUD to provide all available information and to distribute the Notice as HUD´s public commitment to respond to Union requests for information in a timely manner in the future. The FLRA required HUD to send out a Notice to All Employees by email and to post it on bulletin boards to settle complaints of an unfair labor practice that the Union filed against HUD. The ULP documents are here and on our ULP page.
- - FLRA Required Posting to Employees By Management to Settle Union Complaint (06/2017)
- - FLRA Settlement Agreement (06/05/2017)
- - FLRA Charge Against Agency
- - ULP (03/16/2017)
- - Request for Information and Demand To Bargain (05/26/2016)
- - Final Draft of 755.1 (from mgmt)

Continuous Improvement

Agency has failed to comply with the negotiated provisions of Article 55 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and has reefused to bargain in good faith over procedures and protocols for employee participation in the ongoing Quality Improvement Program
- - ULP Filed (10/27/2016)

Presidential Management Fellows Council

- - ULP Filed
- - Union Demand To Bargain (08/09/2016)

Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Employee Engagement Team(PEET).

The ULP concerns HUD's establishment of an employee engagement team in PIH. Because the team (composed of both bargaining unit and management personnel) works directly with management to implement changes to employee working conditions, the recognition of the team is a bypass of the Union. Such management-sponsored teams prevent the Union from ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and equitably, and that changes in working conditions are negotiated and implemented in accordance with our collective bargaining agreement.
- - Request For Information (10/28/2016)
- - ULP (7/19/2016)

Quality Step Increases (QSIs)

It is Council 222 charge that the Department is unilaterally instituting a change in the process for determining Quality Step Increases (QSIs) as part of the Bargaining Unit Performance Awards without negotiating in good faith with the Union.
- - ULP (3/14/2016)

Personnel Clearinghouse Pilot Policy and Handbook

On November 4, 2015, the Agency notified the Union that it was formally withdrawing its August 4, 2015 Article 49 Notification to AFGE regarding its intent to implement the Personnel Clearinghouse Pilot Policy and Handbook. As previously communicated to all AFGE members by Council 222 President Holly Salamido, "Management has, however, announced that the Personnel Clearinghouse program will be available to NFFE members. This is becoming a pattern - management refuses to fulfill their obligation to bargain, forcing us to file yet another Unfair Labor Practice charge with the Federal Labor Relations Board. It does not take two months to schedule negotiations. This is obviously a choice on the part of HUD's leaders. We will continue to fight for fairness for all of our AFGE Bargaining Unit members."
- - ULP (11/18/2015) (FLRA efile no: OGC_CASE_DOCUMENT_8341252844_2088.pdf)
(See the bargaining documents that led to this ULP on the Council 222 Bargaining Page.)

Emergency Notification System (ENS)

In June, 2014 the agency gave notification to Union of intent to implement ENS. We sent a Demand to Bargain and Request for Information to the agency. No agreement with the agency was reached. The agency responded to the Request for Info but refused to Bargain. 10/29/2015 the agency sent a second notice to the Union advising intention to implement ENS despite the pendency of the Demand to Bargain. On 10/29/2015 the agency stated Union's Demand to Bargain was "unsolicited" and refusing to bargain on impact and implementation of the ENS. Management unilaterally implemented the ENS without bargaining.
- - ULP (11/04/2015)

New Core

- - New Core (09/04/2015)

Cybersecurity Breach

See the bargaining documents that led to this ULP on bargaining page
- - FLRA Decision Posting mgmt sent to all employees (09/13/2016)
- - Cybersecurity Breach


See the bargaining documents that led to this ULP on the bargaining page of our website.
- - Ebola ULP (10/2014)

OGC Reorganization

See the bargaining documents for this issue on the bargaining page Unfair Labor Practice is in 2 parts as files are large
- - Part 1, Part 2 (03/01/2013)


- - Unfair Labor Practice/Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) (August 2006)
- - HIHRTS was bargaining in 2005, see bargaining information by going to 2005 bargaining page

New Orleans Employees

- - Unfair Labor Practice/Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) (11/18/05)
- - Exhibits: | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M| N | O | (reformatted Lotus email messages)
- - Dep Secretary memo
- - background for ULP (posted to home page 11/21)

Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (establishment of)

Chief Negotiator - Eddie Eitches
- - Settlement
- - Unfair Labor Practice
- - Demand to Bargain
- - Mgmt's Proposed Change in Working Conditions (Article 5)

Workforce Planning at HUD, a Departmental Implementation and Action Plan for Program Offices

- - FLRA dismisses ULP (06/30/05)
- - ULP
- - Union comments on Plan (04/01/05)
- - Mgmt Memo re: Union's comments
- - 11 page attachment that accompanied above mgmt memo

Chapter 13 (Space Mgmt) Admin Services Handbook

Chief Negotiator - Tim Oravec
- - ULP Settlement
- - Unfair Labor Practice
- - Bargaining Team Report from Chief Negotiator
- - Demand To Bargain (04/08/05)
- - Mgmt's Chapter 13 Proposed Changes (via email 03/31/05)
- - Mgmt's Proposed Change in Working Conditions (Article 5) (via email 03/31/05)

Reorganization of Economic Dev Specialist Function in CPD

- - Charge Against An Agency (FLRA Form 22, dated 07/17/03)
- - Council 222 Letter to FLRA (Federal Labor Relations Authority) (07/17/03)
- - Council 222 Cease and Desist Memorandum to Labor Relations Division