Council 222 is primarily responsible for negotiating over proposed changes in working conditions that impact employees nationwide. Thus, we bargain over implementation of new technology, reorganizations and realignments, reasonable accommodation and hardship transfer policies, and more. This page includes notices from management of proposed changes, and the Council's bargaining proposals. Until the parties meet at the bargaining table, the Council's proposals may be added to and amended. Look here to keep track of the latest proposed changes at HUD. If issues are important to you, give your suggestions to your local President.

This page contains current bargaining.

Bargaining items are listed on pages by the year the bargaining was completed. The Supplements that pertain to the items are listed on the page with them and on a separate Contract Supplements page. See below links.

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Contingency Plan for Possible Lapse in Appropriations 2019

- - Demand To Bargain (09/26/2019)

Realignment of Public and Indian Housing Office of Field Operations

- - Demand To Bargain (10/22/2018)
- - Demand To Bargain (10/19/2018)

ORCF Portal in Office of General Counsel

Mgmt has announced implementation of required use of ORCF Portal in the Office of General Counsel.
- - Demand To Bargain (10/15/2018)

Cellular Phones Distributed to FHEO Bargaining Unit Nationwide

- - Demand To Bargain (10/02/2018)

Workload Sharing Within FHEO Nationwide

- - Demand To Bargain (08/02/2018)

Personnel Security and Suitability Policy and Procedures Handbook 755.1

Union negotiators worked with management for over two years regarding HUD's proposal to implement a new Handbook 755.1, Personnel Security and Suitability. For information on earlier negotiations, including the ULPs that Council 222 filed regarding related information requests, please see the 2017 Bargaining Page items below. In addition to reaching an agreement on the handbook's implementation, the Union was able to correct problems and errors in the handbook before implementation, to correct inaccurate employee security designations, and to ensure HUD's conformance with current law, the existing CBA, and retained supplements. In addition, Supplement 20 also requires HUD to issue PIV cards to HUD retirees who are Union officials performing representational duties and to protect employee rights under privacy laws, Title VII, the ADA, and the Rehabilitation Act.

- - Supplement 20 (08/21/2018)
- - Demand To Bargain (08/01/2018)

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Personnel Security and Suitability from 2017 Bargaining:

Handbook 755.1-Personnel Security and Suitability Policy and Procedures

Chief Negotiator - Jerry Gross
Update: The union filed two complaints with the FLRA because HUD did not respond properly to the Union´s request for information related to the proposed handbook. The Union demonstrated to the FLRA why the information and documentation requested was essential. The FLRA required HUD to provide all available information and to distribute the Notice as HUD´s public commitment to respond to Union requests for information in a timely manner in the future. The FLRA required HUD to send out a Notice to All Employees by email and to post it on bulletin boards to settle complaints of an unfair labor practice that the Union filed against HUD. The ULP documents are here and on our ULP page.
- - FLRA Required Posting to Employees By Management to Settle Union Complaint (06/2017)
- - FLRA Settlement Agreement (06/05/2017)
- - FLRA Charge Against Agency
- - ULP (03/16/2017)
- - Request for Information and Demand To Bargain (05/26/2016)
- - Handbook Draft of 755.1

Phased Retirement

Phased retirement is a human resource tool that will allow full-time employees to work a part time schedule and draw partial retirement benefits during employment. The negotiated supplement (5B) supersedes Supplement 5 dated February 25, 2016 and Supplement 5A dated August 4, 2016.
- - Supplement 5B (not dated, completed June 2018)

Email Policy

- - Supplement 19 (not dated, completed June 2018)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (03/15/2018)

Anti-Harrassment Policy

Purpose of this policy is to stop harassing behavior. Nothing in this supplement shall limit the employee from utilizing available protections, recourses, and remedies as provided in statute, policy, or this Agreement.
- - Supplement 18 (not dated)