Generally, Locals enforce the contract which is bargained by the Council. Sometimes, however, management violations of the contract harm employees in more than one Local. For example, when management issued multiple telework policies, that harmed employees throughout the nation. The Council filed a Grievance of the Parties. Copies of the current Grievances of the Parties can be found at this page. Archived Grievance of the Parties are here (hit your back button to come back to this page after viewing any of these pages): Grievances after 2006, Grievances completed in 2006, Grievances before 2006

Mgmt Proposed Midterm Bargaining on Covered Issues Maxiflex and Repudiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

A term CBA is in place (ratified by the Union membership and approved by a previous Secretary of HUD in July 2015). Management has breached and repudiated the contract by refusing to follow the clear and unambiguous language contained in the CBA.
- - Management Response (11/21/2018)
- - Grievance of the Parties (10/22/2018)

Failure to Provide Data in 7114 (b)(4) Information Request

Agency violation of statutory and contractual provisions, unfair labor practices and other violations of Federal law, which requires Management to fulfill an information request that has shown a particularized need. The Union further maintains that Management´s attempt to withhold this information on matters relevant to Ground Rules negotiations for impending term bargaining is an unfair labor practice and violation of Management´s duty to bargain in good faith.
- - - Arbitration Decision FMCS 180918-08462 (April 2019)
- - - Management Response to Grievance (08/29/2018)
- - - Grievance of the Parties (07/30/2018)

Mgmt Notice of Proposed Midterm Bargaining on Covered By Space Issues and Repudiation of Collective Bargaining Agreement

Agency violation of statutory and contractural provisions, unfair labor practices and other violations of Federal law which requires management to honor an existing negotiated collective bargaining agreement (CBA) until a new agreement has been negotiated.
- - - Management Response to Grievance (07/18/2018)
- - - Grievance of the Parties (06/18/2018)

Breach of Agreement Provisions Regarding Payment of Performance Bonuses

Department violation of Article 31.03 (2) of the Agreement regarding timely payment of bargaining unit employee Awards for Overall Performance, Article 6.01 of the Agreement regarding the fair and equitable treatment of employees, as well as any and all other law, rule, regulations, policy, handbooks or agreements that apply.
- - - Grievance of the Parties (04/17/2018)

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Breach of HUD-AFGE Council 222 Agreement Provisions Regarding Midterm Bargaining and Other Statutory Violations

Agency violation of Article 49 regarding mid-term bargaining, Article 6.01 regarding fair and equitable treatment of employees and management refusal to complete midterm bargaining that is underway and to adhere to contractual and statutory requirements for bargaining constitutes bad faith.
- - - Grievance of the Parties (09/26/2017)

Presidential Management Fellows Council (PMFC)

Agency violation of Article 49, including but not limited to Article 49.05, which requires management to pay the travel and per diem costs of union negotiators for midterm bargaining.
- - - Grievance of the Parties (07/28/2017)

Violation of Supplement 6 (Affinity Groups)

Agency failure to comply with provisions in Supplement 6, requiring that management provide the Union with copies of communications with HUD Common Interest Groups (HCIGs) upon request.
- - - Grievance of the Parties (09/13/2016)
- - - Supplement 6 (04/05/2016)

Multifamily Reorganization (MFRT) Supplement #135

Job Swap - There is an ongoing reorganization of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Housing Multifamily Program Division which was negotiated and resulted in Supplement #135 (note section #38) to the National Collective Bargaining Agreement between HUD and AFGE Council of Locals #222. This Supplement included an Appendix 3 to the Agreement on the Specific subject of Job swaps or a Job Exchange Program. Prior to the Appendix a Pilot Program on job swaps/job exchnages was agreed to by the parties. This reorganization is being conducted in five (5) "waves" or is incrementally being completed over a phased time period. Currently wave one is completing the implementation process and wave two is in the midst of the reorganization process. It is the Union's belief and grievance that the job swap/job exchange contractual process was violated by the Department.
- - - Union Discovery Request (04/03/2015)
- - - Management Response (11/07/2014)
- - - Grievance of the Parties

Multifamily Reorganization (MFRT) Supplement #135

First Consideration - As an ongoing mis-application of the Multifamily Reorganization (MFRT) Supplement #135 there is a continuing condition of not providing "First Consideration" to current HUD Multifamily Housing employee applicants that are subject to relocation or elimination for vacancies within the employees commuting area.
- - Union Request to Invoke Arbitration
- - Department Response to Union Grievance (10/27/2014)
- - Grievance of the Parties

Administrative Furloughs

HUD Violation of MOU on Department-Wide Furloughs of Less Than 30 Days
- - Grievance of the Parties (05/16/13)


1/24/13 - GOP concerns HUD's continuing condition/violation of the Agreement when it failed to fairly and equitably distribute workload and notify and bargain the impact and implementation of workload redistribution and reassignment at all HUD Field Office and Headquarters for all program offices due to retirements, lack of backfilling of positions, and workload increases and imbalances between offices.
- - Invocation of Arbitration (03/15/2013)
- - Request for Information 1 (03/15/2013)
- - Request for Information 2 (03/15/2013)
- - Grievance of the Parties (01/24/13)

Unilateral Change of Terms w/Regard to Field Attorneys

Unilateral Change of Terms of HUD/AFGE Agreement at Section 13.13 with regard to career ladder promotions for field attorneys.
- - Grievance of the Parties (12/17/2012)

Data Breach

- - Grievance of the Parties (11/6/12)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (10/10/12)
- - Union Request For Information (10/4/12)

Grade Parity Fair and Equitable Grievance

06/22/18 Agency Response
06/07/18 Union Motion For Reconsideration
06/07/18 Certificate of Service for Motion For Reconsideration
05/24/18 FLRA Decision
03/26/18 Agency Filing
09/29/16 Agency Filing of Exceptions
07/27/16 Unfair Labor Practice Charge
02/27/15 Summary of Implementation Meeting
01/10/15 Summary of Implementation Meeting
11/10/14 Union Response in Opposition to Agency Resp to Show Cause Order
10/09/14 Union Request to Show Cause
09/03/14 Union Request For Information
08/08/12 FLRA decision on Mgmt appeal
03/23/12 Union Opposition to Mgmt Appeal
02/16/12 Mgmt Appeal to FLRA
01/13/12 McKissick Order
09/15/11 Union´s Submission on Remand setting forth proposed remedies
07/28/11 Letter to arbitrator McKissick seeking assistance on remand and setting forth a proposed process
01/26/11 FLRA decision remanding McKissick's remedy in Grade Parity (Fair and Equitable) grievance of parties (accompanied 07/28/11 letter to McKissick)
12/10/09 Union Reply to Agency's Response to FLRA Order to Show Cause
12/04/09 Agency Response to FLRA Order to Show Cause
11/20/09 FLRA Order to Show Cause (for HUD's late appeal)
11/09/09 Union Request to FLRA to Issue Order to Show Cause
10/30/09 Mgmt Appeal to FLRA of Arbitrator Decision on the Merits
09/29/09 Arbitrator Decision on the Merits
12/01/08 Union Closing Arbitration Brief
01/14/08 Union & Agency Request to Arbitrator to Schedule Hearing
08/06/07 FLRA Order Dismissing Agency Exceptions
05/03/07 Agency Response to FLRA Show Cause Order
04/23/07 FLRA Order to Agency to Show Cause
04/02/07 Union Opposition to 2nd Appeal to FLRA
Agencies 2nd Appeal to FLRA
01/24/07 Decision of Arbitrator on Remand from FLRA - Grievance found to be arbitrable
09/01/06 Union's Clsg Brief | Mgmt Brief
06/23/06 Hearing Held (Briefs due 09/01/06)
click here to FLRA website to read full text of the decision
02/11/04 FLRA Decision to Remand to Arbitrator
09/12/03 Union Opposition to Agency Appeal
07/28/03 Agency Appeal to FLRA
06/23/03 Arbitrator's Decision
04/28/03 Union's brief on issue of arbitrability (not dated)
01/30/03 Prelimary Notice of Arbitration
01/17/03 Mgmt Denial
11/30/02 Grievance of Parties/Req for Information